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3 Ways Industrial Doors Will Keep You Warm This Winter

3 Ways Industrial Doors Will Keep You Warm This Winter

The cold weather is fast approaching. When it arrives, people up and down the country will undoubtedly be reaching for their thermostats, putting on an extra jumper and wishing for warmer weather. Commercial and industrial properties are hardly immune to the effects of winter. Large warehouses, in particular, can be especially hard to keep warm given their size and the amount of open space.

If not properly heated, the working environment will be impacted; staff morale will sink, and you will find it much harder to motivate the troops. Plus, if your storing equipment and goods, they may not react well to sudden dips in temperature.

But there is good news, as in just three simple steps, you can make your commercial or industrial property ready for winter. So keep reading for the three ways industrial doors will keep you and your staff warm this winter.

1). Insulation

One of the first factors you should always consider when trying to keep your home warm is insulation. The same holds true for any commercial or industrial property.

Insulation in the walls, roof, or doors acts as a barrier, helping trap warm air. It is an effective way to lower energy costs by making a building more energy-efficient. The building will remain at a comfortable temperature without the need to continually heat it. With the right insulation, a property owner can easily save a lot in the long run because the money you save on heating costs will eventually cover the cost of a new set of insulated doors.

At BGS, we supply and install the innovative HSi (95) insulated door. This incredible option combines unbeatable thermal efficiency with market-leading security and rapid-fast action. You will not need a PVC door, and a separate security door as both are rolled into one product.

The HSi (95) is equipped with a 95mm foam-filled lath that helps with the following:

  • Protection Against Strong Winds
  • Reducing Heat Loss
  • Increasing Operating Efficiency
  • Lowering Energy Costs
  • Boosting Productivity

2). By Closing Quickly

Growing up, you may have heard your parents ask whether you were born in a barn whenever you left a door open. After all, an open door is one of the single biggest causes of heat loss.

Industrial doors are constantly opening and closing throughout the day, letting out heat that needs to be replenished. The trick is to keep your doors closed as much as possible to prevent the heat from physically escaping. But how do you accomplish this when you have stock and equipment coming and going all day long? The answer is a set of high-speed industrial doors. High-speed doors open and close far quicker than standard industrial doors.

Industrial doors

High-speed doors can even be equipped with sensors that enable these doors to open and close automatically. Our HSi (95) insulated doors boast high-speed functionality, operating at 500mm/sec and are equipped with various activation options. As they open and close so quickly, any heat air inside does not have a chance to escape. So, you can maintain the temperature of your warehouse without impacting your operations or hiking up your energy bills.

3). By Eliminating Those Draughts

Even with the best insulation, if draughts are present, heat will escape quickly, leaving you relying on your heating system more and more.

Draughts can occur in a number of places but are commonly found around doors and windows. A good idea is to check your industrial doors for any gaps between the frame and the wall. If you locate any gaps, it may be time to get your doors maintained or invest in a brand-new set of industrial doors.

The team at BGS can help you in both respects. Our maintenance and servicing plans are tailored to the door’s age, usage, manufacturer’s recommendations, and current legislation.

Alternatively, with the right set of industrial doors, you can say goodbye to draughts permanently. Our high-speed doors are professionally fitted to eliminate any gaps between the frame and the wall. Furthermore, our high-speed doors come with tight seals and are wind-resistant – with the right seals in place, you will not need to worry about draughts when the temperature outside starts to drop.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can get your industrial doors ready for winter, call BGS today on 08085 015083 or have a look at our ‘Winter is Coming’ page.