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Are you looking to enlist the services of a company that works with automatic entrance doors? Edinburgh business owners, you’re in luck. Courtesy of our in-city depot, we can respond to requests from any business, anywhere in Edinburgh and can provide a response time of four hours or less. We’re on call 24/7, so we’re always there when you need us. To learn more about our service, call BGS now on 01312973204. 

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The Number One Company to Call Concerning Automatic Entrance Doors in Edinburgh

Travel to any commercial premises and the first thing you’ll usually be greeted by are a set of automatic entrance doors. Edinburgh businesses, like businesses around the world, know just how convenient automatic doors can be; so long as they work. If your doors have broken down, this can cause chaos for your customers and employees. 

The good news is that BGS are always on call to repair doors, shutters, gates, and barriers in Edinburgh. Automatic entrance doors can also be serviced by our team, and if you’re looking to upgrade from old manual doors, we can install automatic variants too. Alternatively, we can upgrade your manual doors if you’d prefer. 

We really are your one-stop-shop solution for automatic entrance doors, Edinburgh customers. Read on to find out more. 

How Can Our Edinburgh Automatic Entrance Doors Team Help? 

If your experiencing issues with your automatic entrance doors, Edinburgh business owners should call us right away. An issue can cause an array of problems from loss of heat to theft and vandalism. In four hours or less, we’ll be on-site. Our mobile services begin with full inspection to determine the issue followed up by a FREE, no-obligation quote. 

Our vans double-up as workshops, providing access to trade-critical parts, components, tools, and equipment. Our team will aim to effect first-time repairs where possible. If this isn’t possible, they’ll put in place a temporary fix until they can schedule a return visit. If you would like to ensure that emergency repairs remain a “once in a blue moon” kind of deal, we recommend a servicing plan for your automatic entrance doors in Edinburgh. 

Maintenance and repair agreements offered by BGS are entirely bespoke. We look at the usage of the doors and consider the manufacturer’s recommendations. We use this information to determine how many annual visits will be required to maintain in full working order your automatic entrance doors. Edinburgh customers can always count on an NVQ Level 2 engineer (minimum) to carry out the work. And every visit will be logged in a Yellow Door Wallet. 

Routine inspections and servicing are great ways to keep your doors working reliably and efficiently for longer. But if your doors have reached the end of their serviceable life, we can replace them with like-for-like options. It’s all part of the service we offer. 

What Else Do We Cover? 

At BGS, we don’t just repair, service, and install automatic entrance doors; we cover other doors, shutters, gates, and barriers too, including: 

If you would like to request our help with any of these, don’t hesitate to give us a call. And to see the full list of doors, gates, barriers, and shutters covered by BGS, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page on our website. 

Why Choose Us for Automatic Entrance Doors, Edinburgh Customers?

The BGS team has been around for a number of decades now, and the knowledge and expertise simply pass down engineer-to-engineer. We’re proud to have a team that consists of individuals, from those just starting out to those who’ve worked in the industry for a long time. Because of this, even our new recruits always have access to the right information whenever they need it. 

We’ve also built a team that’s clear with safety – our engineers hold various accreditations and qualifications, so they can competently tackle all automatic entrance doors in Edinburgh. Health and safety are very important; you’ll always be dealing with a CHAS accredited company as well as professionals who are CSCS registered. 

From installation to repairs and servicing, we’re proud to be there for the entire lifecycle of your door. Our Edinburgh automatic entrance doors team is available round-the-clock. So, if you need a helping hand, just give us a call, any time. 

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Are you looking to make enquiries concerning automatic entrance doors? Edinburgh customers need only call BGS on 01312973204.

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