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If you’re searching the internet trying to find the best electric gates service in your local area, then look no further than BGS; there’s no other company in the industry that can provide an electric gates service like us. Combining experience, knowledge and fantastic customer service, we won’t let you down. Give us a call today to arrange your FREE first inspection.

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Why do you need out electric gates service?

There’s no dispute that your electric gates are imperative to the every day function of your business. On top of providing access, they are also an essential part of your security. This means that when they do malfunction, you’re putting your establishment at risk from intrusion and preventing people and vehicles from getting in and out of your property.

All this can be avoided when you invest in one of our electric gates service packages. The technicians at BGS have been specifically trained to repair and maintain electric gates in line with the standards required by the government, which means you can be sure that your gates will always be compliant. Find out more about our electric gates service below.

Information about our electric gates services

At BGS, we recognise the importance of both a proactive and reactive electric gates service. When something unforeseen goes wrong, you need to know that there’s a quality technician around the corner who can fix your electric gates at short notice. You also need to know that you’ve done everything in your power to prevent an incident from ever happening. This is where our maintenance electric gate service comes in. Read on to find out more.


BGS is certified to carry out the necessary tests that need to take place to ensure that your electric gates are conforming to the required standards. Our qualified BSEN13241-1 level technicians will carry out a comprehensive inspection, which will include a force test, checking each electric component for damage and making sure no manual parts are faulty

When you call us to find out more about our maintenance electric gates service, we can arrange for your gates to undertake a FREE initial inspection, which is designed to give us all the information required to recommend the perfect maintenance package for you. We’ll take into consideration how often the gates are used and inspect the level of wear and tear they receive.

During each maintenance visit, our technicians will use their expert eye to pick up on any faults and in doing so, prevent a problem from escalating which could bring serious harm to your business in the future.

If there’s anything that needs repairing, our vans are stocked with all the tools and spare parts that may be required. If we do need to order a spare part, we’ll do so right away and make sure that you property is safe until the new part has arrived.

As part of our electric gates service, once our technicians have approved the condition of your gates, we’ll supply you with all the official documentation to say that they’re compliant with all rules and regulations. This means that in the case of an incident happening while the gates are in use, you’re covered.


Our emergency electric gates service is there to provide businesses with a repair service that is second to none. We ensure that someone is on the end of the line to receive your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so even on Christmas Day, you can be confident that someone is out there to help you if your electric gates malfunction.

When we receive your phone call, you’ll get through to a helpful member of the team who’ll consult our management system and let you know when you can expect one of our technicians to arrive. At BGS, we pride ourselves on our ability to get to an emergency within 4 hours – one of the quickest times in the industry.

A qualified member of the team will arrive laden with all the materials and replacement parts to carry out a full emergency electric gates service. Using all their skills and expertise, they’ll work hard to ensure that your electric gates are back up and running by the time they leave. As we’ve already mentioned, if we need to order a new part, we’ll make sure that your business is secure while we wait for it to arrive.

What could happen if you don’t invest in our services?

When your business depends so much on the reliable function of your electric gates, we can’t express how important it is to invest in a comprehensive maintenance electric gates service. When you choose BGS to take care of your gates, you could be saving yourself from the following implications.


Over the years, we have come across so many major incidents that could have been avoided if a company had invested in a regular electric gates service. Our objective is to prevent little problems that don’t cost much to repair from turning into a major incident that will deliver a hefty bill.


Thieves are well trained to spot weaknesses, and if they find one in the mechanisms of your electric gates, you could be providing them with a key to your property.  To keep on the safe side, we recommend that you invest in our maintenance electric gates service to ensure that your gates are always performing properly.


If someone is injured while using your gates and you can’t provide evidence to say that your gates are compliant with health and safety, your insurance may refuse to pay out. This means that your company may be footed with a hefty compensation bill. After each successful inspection, BGS will provide you with an official document to ensure that you have the evidence you need.

Why should you choose BGS?

When you choose BGS to provide your electric gate service, you can be sure that you’re going to receive the expertise of a qualified professional. All of our technicians have been trained up to at least NVQ level 2 and are well certified to deliver a service that is compliant with health and safety.

We know that our superior customer service skills separate us out from the crowd. We ensure that each of our technicians deliver a service that is both professional and efficient, and you can expect them to be courteous and open to answering any of your questions when they come to carrying out our electric gates service.

When you choose BGS, you can benefit from:

  • Reduced running costs in the long run
  • FREE initial inspection to gauge the right maintenance plan for you
  • Every service recorded and official paperwork given
  • Expert advice on every visit

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