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Are you searching for a company that you can turn to any time you experience an issue with your high speed doors in Beverley? Are you concerned that your high speed doors are not up to code? If the answer to either of those questions is ‘yes’, then get in touch with BGS! We have a team of experienced and qualified engineers who are ready to assist when necessary. 

Our company is among the leaders in the UK when it comes to the maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial doors. In Beverley and beyond, we operate seamless services, including 24/7 repairs and a door replacement service. If you need any assistance with your high-speed doors, there is no better team to turn to. 

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Commercial High Speed Doors in Beverley

There are many commercial businesses in Beverley that would benefit from the installation of high speed doors. Generally, these particular door systems are used on such premises due to the frequent transportation of goods to and from the building. The fast-acting opening and closing of high speed doors allows commercial businesses to get the most our of their daily operations. 

In addition to the efficiency of these doors, the fact that they can maintain temperature control is another reason why many commercial premises use them. 


Safe High Speed Doors 

It cannot be understated how important safety is when it comes to any commercial or industrial door. In Beverley, businesses can take full advantage of our services as we can inspect your doors to make sure that all safety features are working correctly. Moreover, our team are able to replace your current door with one that is manufactured using premium grade materials. 


Five Signs You Need a New High Speed Door

Some businesses only notice that they need new high speed doors when their existing ones malfunction suddenly. However, if you take a different approach and look out for some tell-tale signs, then you could get your doors replaced sooner rather than later. 

One of the main signs that you need to look out for is if your doors in Beverley fail to open or close correctly. Not only is this a functional issue, but it also poses a security problem. Another sign is if cold air is being let through continuously and if the doors open and close too quickly or too slowly. 

You should also contact our Beverley engineers if your doors are making strange noises, and if they are not as secure as usual. As mentioned, we provide a door replacement service, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you notice these irregularities. 


High Speed Doors Specialists 

As a business owner that uses high speed doors in Beverley, you have a legal obligation to maintain them and ensure their safety. You can do that by hiring our experts here at BGS. No issue is too small or too large for our team. From maintenance checks to emergency repairs, we do it all! 

Benefits of High Speed Doors  

The overriding benefit of using high speed doors, Beverley clients, is their quick function. By opening and closing in a swift manner, you can enhance daily productivity. This level of speed is hugely beneficial to companies that are transporting a heavy volume of goods to and from their premises on a daily basis. 

Also, for many businesses in Beverley, they will be storing goods that need to be kept in a certain temperature. If they are exposed to too much heat or too much cold, the quality of the goods could deteriorate, costing the business a significant sum of money. High speed doors can reduce this risk as they prevent air from escaping due to their fast movement. 

These doors are also built from premium grade materials, giving them added strength, making them hugely beneficial from a security standpoint. 

Rapid Roll Doors  

Rapid roll doors is another term used for high speed doors, and they do exactly what it says on the tin! They open and close in a rapid fashion, allowing for the optimal traffic of goods. These doors, Beverley clients, can be used either internally or externally. 


Cost-Effective High Speed Doors 

Due to the robust materials used to manufacture high speed doors, you can take comfort knowing that they are designed to be long-lasting. They can withstand adverse weather conditions and they enhance security. By enlisting the expertise of our engineers in Beverley, you can opt for maintenance services that will save you money in the long run. 


 Quality Services for High Speed Doors Beverley 

It is incredibly important, not only from a practical standpoint but from a legal one too, that your commercial and industrial doors are well maintained. To ensure that you meet health and safety criteria, call our team at BGS. We go above and beyond to keep your doors in tip-top condition. 


What Are High Speed Doors Used For?

Due to their fast-acting operations, they are generally used on both commercial and industrial sites. Clients in Beverley that transport goods daily benefit hugely from high speed doors. Plenty of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and the food and beverage sector, utilise these doors. 

Service, Maintenance and Repairs

The essence of our business is centred on the maintenance, servicing and repairs services that we offer to clients in Beverley and beyond. Legislation states that all workplace doors need to be properly maintained and meet health and safety criteria. As a company, you have a legal obligation to make sure this happens otherwise you could face a fine or lose your insurance. 

Our engineers can prevent this by offering tailored maintenance and servicing packages following an initial free inspection of your doors. Once our engineers have tested the structural integrity, safety features, and every other element of your doors, they can offer monthly maintenance and annual servicing. 

Also, if your doors break down all of a sudden, take advantage of our nationwide 24hr emergency call out service. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to make urgent repairs. We guarantee a 4-hour response time thanks to our strategically placed depots across the country. 


Our Other Services 

As well as catering to any requirements regarding high speed doors in Beverley, we also specialise in other commercial and industrial doors. These range from folding shutter doorssectional overhead doorssteel hinged doors, and plenty more! 


Types of High Speed Doors 

Almost all high speed doors function in the same way in that they open and close quickly, but some can be custom-made to include additional features. Also, bi-parting high speed doors can be manufactured to open horizontally as opposed to vertically. 


High Performance Doors 

As specialists in high performance doors, you can trust our dedicated team to ensure that yours are well looked after. From maintenance to repairs, we can keep your doors high performing. 


Industrial Door System 

If you are operating an industrial door system and you require advice or specific services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. 

Gallery of High Speed Door Beverley

To get a better idea of the types of high speed doors that we work on, scroll through our gallery of high-resolution images. 


Why Choose Us for High Speed Doors? 

Our standing as one of the UK’s leading companies in the maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial doors comes from our desire to invest heavily in training. Every member of staff, from management to engineers, are experienced, highly skilled, and qualified. Not only are the staff at BGS at the top of their field, we also have backing from the industry’s best. Our accreditations include SafeContractorCHAS, and many more! 

Contact the High Speed Doors Beverley Specialists

So, what are you waiting for? You know how important it is to keep your high speed doors in Beverley maintained, and with the help of our dedicated team, you can keep yours in good condition. We can begin by scheduling in an inspection, which is free of charge. Once our engineers have looked over the features of your doors, they will be able to recommend tailored maintenance and service plans. 

Remember, if your high speed door is on its last legs, we can offer our door replacement service. Not only that, but if you experience sudden issues with your doors in Beverley, we vow to be on your site within 4 hours of your call. Our team are available 24/7 throughout the year, even on bank holidays and Christmas Day! 

Get in touch today by calling 01135325501 or by emailing [email protected]. 

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