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If your current doors are busted or old and due for replacement, the company to call is BGS, as we fit the best high speed doors around. We boast an impressive selection of top-quality high speed doors from trusted manufacturers. And we offer a competitively priced, professional installation service to boot. Our outstanding knowledge and expertise set us firmly apart from our competitors. We’ve been installing commercial and industrial doors for over 30 years now. 

Alternatively, if your current doors simply need fixing or you’re looking to keep them in peak working condition, you can enquire about our excellent maintenance and repair and servicing services. We’re available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We can respond in four hours or less to any emergency call-out. If you require our assistance, you can call the doors specialists at BGS now on 08085015480

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The Best High Speed Doors in Blackpool

Here at BGS, we’re proud to install the finest quality high speed doors Blackpool has to offer. These fast, high-performance doors are an excellent choice, especially for high-traffic commercial and industrial environments. If your current doors are simply not up to the task and you’re looking for a great alternative, look no further. Having new doors installed by us is super easy and starts with a simple phone call. 

What Exactly is a High Speed Door?

As the name implies, high speed doors are doors that open and close quickly, thereby maintaining the internet environment, saving energy, and keeping out unwanted guests. They are ideal for use in both internal and external settings and are designed to be entirely service-friendly. These powerful doors come in a range of options and all balance strength, durability, and performance into one incredible package. 

Where are High Speed Doors Used? 

Versatility is a word often associated with high speed doors. These doors can be fitted in a wide range of properties, both commercial and industrial. Just some of the places we’ve installed these doors in the past include: 

  • Car Washes 
  • Food Production Facilities 
  • Grain and Milling Industries 
  • Large Factories 
  • Pharmaceutical Buildings 
  • Warehouses 

Factories and Warehouses 

Both warehouses and factories see a lot of daily use with workers coming and going. Warehouses are usually used to store stock and equipment that could be damaged by cold temperatures and damp. Likewise, pests getting into a warehouse where food is stored is not what you want. Factories, while not used for storage, do contain a lot of valuable equipment, so you don’t want a potential thief slipping through. High speed doors open and close quickly, maintaining the internal temperature and denying access to pests and opportunists. 

Grain and Milling Industries 

We touched on the subject of pests above and how high speed doors can help keep them out. This is especially useful in grain and milling industries, which are responsible for turning cereal grains into flour. Such environments are an enticing prospect for rats, mice, and insects, but high speed doors can help keep these pests out. 

Pharmaceutical Companies 

Many pharmaceutical companies employ the use of high speed doors to protect more sensitive areas, such as temperature-controlled environments used for the storage of medications. 

Why We Recommend Using High Speed Doors 

There are many notable benefits to using high speed doors which we’ve listed below. At BGS, we highly recommend high speed doors for these very reasons. These doors are worthwhile investment that’ll protect your property, stock, equipment, and employees while keeping everything running smoothly. 

There are several notable benefits to using high speed doors. Benefits of these doors include: 

  • Security 
  • Ease of Access 
  • Reduced Heat Loss/ Improved Energy-Efficiency 
  • Prevent Contamination 
  • Reduced Noise 
  • Space Saving 
  • Efficient and Easy to Operate 

They are Highly Secure 

High speed doors come with the latest security features, ensuring that when secured, they prevent entry to any unauthorised user. They are also motion-sensor controlled. So, when not secured, they will only open when detecting a person approaching, meaning pest activity, such as rats and birds, won’t trigger them to open. And because these doors are made from premium-quality materials, they are virtually impenetrable when closed and secured. 

Efficient and Very Easy to Operate 

These doors are highly efficient and very easy to operate. Because they are  automated, they are entirely hands-free. A person simply approaches the motion sensor, and the doors open. Once the sensor is clear, the doors shut. Unlike manual doors, there’s no chance of the doors being left open. They close super-fast, minimising heat loss and reducing the chances of pests and unwanted guests entering. 

Highly Practical and Saves Space 

High speed doors are highly practical because they save a lot of space. There’s no intrusive door leaf protruding outwards into the room when open. This means that, for external entrances, a lorry can back right up to the entrance with no need for a bridge in between. This, in turn, reduces the chances of accidents occurring, prevents pests from slipping in, helps keep most of the cold air out, and protects from the elements. 

What’s Included in Our High Speed Door Service

When you come to BGS for high speed doors, you’ll find that we have a lot to offer. Our complete service includes the installation of new doors. Plus, we can also fix, service, and maintain them. 


If you require a brand-new set of doors, just give us a call. We’ll arrange a site visit at a convenient time where we’ll discuss your requirements and take measurements. We’ll then get your new doors supplied and fitted in no time. All doors are fitted by trained professionals in compliance with government regulations. 

Repair and Maintenance 

To keep costly repairs to a minimum, we suggest having your doors serviced and maintained regularly. We offer bespoke servicing plans that are tailored to the door’s age and usage, as well as current regulations and the manufacturer’s recommendations.  

If your doors have been damaged or malfunctioned, you can trust that we’re always here to help. Our mobile services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. When requesting our maintenance and repair specialists, we’ll be there in four hours or less to have your doors put right again. 

Other Door Services We Specialise In 

Besides high speed doors, here at BGS, we also specialise in installing other door types, including: 

  • Roller Shutter Doors 
  • Fire Shutter Doors 
  • Sectional Overhead Doors 
  • Sliding Door Systems 

Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are common, favoured by commercial and industrial clients up and down the country. Unlike high speed doors, roller shutter doors are also available in manual variants. While they lack the speed of high speed doors, their impressive strength, versatility, and performance make them an equal contender. 

Fire Shutter Doors 

Fire shutter doors are required by law to be fitted internally where needed. These doors, when deployed, help to contain smoke and fire for a set period, allowing employees plenty of time to escape. 

Sectional Overhead Doors 

Sectional overhead doors are another popular choice favoured by countless commercial and industrial business owners throughout the UK. These doors are also known as up-and-over sectional doors and operate in a similar fashion to residential sectional overhead doors. The difference, however, is that the individual section panels are fitted to a track that lets them fold upwards rather than have the door swing outwards. 

Sliding Door Systems 

Sliding door systems are an ideal alternative to manual options, which some users can struggle with. The idea of these doors is simple; when activated by a motion sensor, the doors slide open then closed again when the sensor is clear. 

More Than Just Doors 

As well as doors, we at BGS also install gates, barriers, grilles, and more. 

Electric Gates and Barriers 

Electric gates and barriers are a simple yet effective way of denying or allowing access to areas on your site. This could be a public car park or a service area behind a warehouse. When deployed, barriers can prevent people and vehicles from entering. 

Security Grilles

Security grilles provide an additional layer of protection. They can be deployed over shop windows or doors. Alternatively, these grilles can be used to block off counters with no physical front door, such as kiosks. 

Calematic Wheel Locks

When lorries back up to warehouse doors, they are held in place by calematic wheel locks. These clamp around the wheels, preventing the vehicle from suddenly shifting forwards or backwards. This protects employees while they are loading/ offloading the vehicle. 

Why Choose BGS? 

At BGS, we’re immensely proud of the reputation we’ve built for ourselves. We’re a company with more than 30 years’ experience along with the trust and support of a large client base. We operate out of a series of depots located up and down the UK, meaning we can provide rapid-fast response times. In fact, if you need to request urgent repairs, we can be at your site in just four hours or less! And with 24/7/365 availability, we’re available whenever you need us. 

As a company, we provide affordable, reliable services carried out by our qualified and certified team of engineers. And, as a company, we’re accredited by the likes of ADIACHAS, and Safecontractor, so you can trust your doors are in safe and capable hands. 

Contact the High Speed Doors Blackpool Experts

Now that you’ve had a chance to read through the above article, it should be apparent that BGS is the company to call for anything related to commercial and industrial doors. We’re exceptionally proud to be the best installer of high speed doors, so if your current doors need replacing, give us a call today. Alternatively, if your doors just need fixing or keeping in check with regular servicing and maintenance, you can count on us. 

Thanks to our excellent response times and 24/7 availability 365 days of the year, Blackpool customers can bank on a fast turnaround. We’re confident you won’t find another company that rivals us on performance, service, and affordability. If you would like to get in touch with BGS, you can do so by calling us on 08085015480. Alternatively, you can get in touch via a written method by emailing [email protected]. 

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