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At BGSs Services, we provide a variety of doors expanded over many different industries. If you want to fix your doors and maintain them for years, then look no further than our team of door experts in Bury! 

Particularly, upgrading industries’ doors to high speed is our speciality. And regarding high speed doors, we have a lot of experience from all the years we’ve worked. Our doors helped keep operations smooth and safe in Warehouses, hospitals, and educational institutions at a very reasonable price. When using our high speed doors, there will be no inefficiency whatsoever. 

Of course, we take your door failure emergencies as a priority, but it’s better if you keep checking them up frequently since their damage can cause many problems. When your doors malfunction, you will put your employees and property at risk. Read on to know how we can help you have the best high speed doors. 

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The Go-To Contractors for High Speed Doors in Bury

Wherever you are in Bury, BGS offers regular maintenance and reservation servicing for your entrance doors. We also provide carrying out repairs if we had to. Moreover, we are ready to help you in any emergency in Bury, since our goal is to make sure your high speed doors are the safest and of the best quality. 

What Makes Our High Speed Doors Service So Great?

High speed doors are used to keep out intruders from the commercial and industrial properties in the internal part of the factory. We have the best high speed doors in Bury, the HSi(95), since no doors are actually built in the same way. It reduces heat loss from doors to have a constant environment, protects against wind, and offers high speed action and top security. And of course, with our high speed doors, you won’t have to invest in a system of two doors opening horizontally. 

Why Use High Speed Doors?

We offer both sectional doors and high speed door services to industries. But high speed doors are applied in environments that need high speed to function and work properly, like industries in Bury. 

Highly Practical

Our high speeddoors are better than the average speed sectional doors since they are faster, safer, stronger, and more reliable. They even reduce noise pollution more than the sectional doors. PVC doors cannot be operated in gale force winds, but the HSi (95) can. 

Very Secure and Insulated 

BGS high speed doors decrease heat loss from the doors, to have a constant environment by insulation. It is completely safe because intruders cannot trespass. Moreover, we can ensure your factory is safe since we got built-in security functions. 

Easy to Operate

They come in handy in hectic factory environments where operations need to be as simple as possible. Our doors can be operated with a push of a button. 

They Save Space 

High speed overhead doors open vertically upward, taking up no indoor or outdoor space. This gives businesses more space to store their goods inside and fewer complications for handling material outside when moving forklifts or employees in and out of the facility. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain 

Our doors are the fastest and easiest to clean and need to be maintained only once or twice per year. 

Where are High Speed Doors Used?

Our high speed doors are mostly used in warehouses and distribution centres, large factories, pharmaceutical companies, and grain and milling industries.  

Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Warehouses need speed in and efficiency in their doors too. Thanks to the efficient doors of the distribution centres and warehouses, the speed of the logistics process is unbeatable. These industries need help from experts of our company that will be there and give you the best doors at top speed. To prevent disruption in your busy working hours, we can plan regular visits at your chosen most convenient time thanks to the flexibility in our high speed business.   

Large Factories  

Because of their easy opening mechanism, our high speed doors have an important role in an industrial layout that businesses need most. These doors not only protect your facility from harsh weather or intruders but also helps in speeding up the entrance and exit of your employees and trucks. Our repair services will reach you at top speed to help in case of any emergency. 

Pharmaceutical Companies 

To maintain clean operations in pharmaceutical plants, high speed doors play a vital role. These doors help in environmental control, cleanliness, productivity, and safety of the facility. Moreover, high speed doors prevent pollution in cleanroom applications and help monitor air circulation rates, room pressures, and suitable operating efficiency. 

Grain and Milling Industries 

When choosing doors for companies in the Grain, Stockfeed & Milling industry, one of the key features sought after is dust control. And in order to completely contain dust of grain in the facility, there must be access to the grain and milling dump trucks by large openings. The access doors must also be reliable, fast, efficient, and safe to use for the grain dust to be successfully contained. 

Other Types of Doors We Install

Other than high speed doors, we also install roller shutter doors, automatic entrance doors, sectional overhead doors, and revolving doors. 

Roller Shutter Doors 

Roller shutters are very flexible multifunctional doors that most businesses use as their first door option. When you install the shutter doors from reliable producers and manufacturers like ours, your productivity will increase, and your daily operations will be much faster. However, these doors are open to damage, and if anything goes wrong with the doors, your whole workday will be stalled.  

 Automatic Entrance Doors 

It is a must for all businesses to have functioning automatic entrance doors. And if any problem occurs, it will stall all your operations and might even put your employees in danger. 

 Sectional Overhead Doors 

When it comes to industrial settings, our sectional overhead doors are the most practical doors. Because they save a lot of space in the facility, which is the prime benefit of these doors. Overhead sectional doors can be installed in hospitals, retail facilities, distribution centres, and educational facilities. 

Revolving Doors 

Large buildings, like hotels, shopping centres, retail outlets, and many others, use mostly revolving doors. Different buildings need different versions like manual, security, and automatic. Our team of door experts in BGS services have experienced all cases of door damage and issues so that if you need any type of repair or servicing, our professional engineers are here to help. 

Other Services We Offer

Other than installing doors, we also provide gates and grilles, along with dock levellers and shelters. 

 Gates and Grilles 

Maintenance and consistent checkups on gates are as crucial as their functionality: providing safety for employees and visitors alike. A broken gate will cause many issues in day-to-day work. To ensure they are running well and not prone to breaking and needing to be replaced costing time and money, allow our team to run those security and safety checks. 

Dock Levellers and Shelters 

One of the most important keys to success in many industries is the daily processes of loading and unloading goods and properties. Dock shelters protect your operations when there is bad weather, as well as dock levellers that also assist in the operations. They help in maintaining smooth and safe operations throughout the day without any problems. To avoid issues from ruining your work, we will do regular maintenance visits. 

Why Choose BGS?

Our Bury team of door experts have years of experience. You will be happy with our exceptional high speed door service we offer in Bury. We have got all your needs covered no matter how complicated and difficult your high speed doors needs are, with the best high speed systems offered in Bury.  

We can reach our clients and customers in need of help regarding their doors, since we are available 24/7, even on holidays, in Bury and around the country, to give them the best functional doors they can have. 

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If you are looking for the best local company to install or repair your doors in Bury, BGSs Services is here at your service. Our aim is for your facility to do its best work and have the most efficient production with our high speed doors, of course within a suitable cost. Your high speed doors will be taken care of by our doors expert team by following the highest standards. 

Do not hesitate to contact us at 08085 015480 if you have any inquiry. We are delighted to work with you and take your high speed doors to an even more advanced version, our team will be ready at your service 24/7. Also, you can email us at [email protected], and we will get to you very fast. Give us a try and you won’t regret investing all the maintenance and installation plans for your high speed doors. 

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