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Do you utilise high speed doors on your commercial property? Have you been searching for a team that can maintain and repair these doors for you? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at BGS are the premier team for any industrial doors and entrances. 

We have many years of experience in the industry and have built up a wealth of knowledge in this time. This means that we are on hand to assist with your high speed doors, Croydon clients, regardless of the service you require. Our team are experts in servicing, maintenance, and repairs, so you can trust that your doors are in good hands. 

So, if you believe that we at BGS are the best team for your high speed doors in Croydon, you need only reach out to us today. You can call us on 02081038518 to speak to a member of our team directly. 

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The Premier Team for Croydon High Speed Doors

When it comes to having any work carried out on your high speed doors, Croydon clients, you will want to make sure you are working with the premier team. Well, this is exactly what we are at BGS, and we are renowned for our excellent services and outstanding results. We have worked for many years to build up such a stellar reputation, and you can trust that your doors are in safe and capable hands with our team. 

Specialists for High Speed Doors in Croydon

Here at BGS, we have many years of experience working on all types of industrial doors, including high speed doors. In Croydon, we have built up a solid reputation thanks to our expert services and have since become the specialists for these doors. You will be hard pressed to find another team that can rival everything we have to offer. 

Benefits of High Speed Doors

Before investing in a set of high speed doors in Croydon, you may be wondering what the benefits of said doors are. Well, we are happy to provide more detail on their benefits, starting with the increase in productivity on any premises that utilises them. As these doors open and close so quickly, it makes it much easier for both employees and goods to pass through at a faster speed than with normal doors. You will find that the seconds you save on opening and closing each time will soon add up, saving you many hours in the long run. 

Another benefit to high speed doors, Croydon clients, is that they are thermally efficient and can regulate the internal temperature of your property. Again, this is because of the fast opening and closing mechanism, which means that the doors are never open for too long. This is ideal for areas where you need to maintain the internal temperatures, such as for cold storage. 

You will also find that high speed doors in Croydon are ideal for those worried about the security of their premises. Once reason they are great for security is the fast opening and closing. It is much harder for an intruder to pass through the doors undetected before they close as this happens quickly. Plus, high speed doors are also manufactured using quality and durable materials, making them much harder to break into. 

Our Services for High Speed Doors in Croydon 

When it comes to high speed doors in Croydon, we understand that no two requests will be the same and we want to make sure we can cater to every client’s needs. This is why we offer servicing, maintenance, and repairs services that are bespoke to each client’s individual requirements. You can find out more about these services by reading below. 

Servicing, Maintenance, and Repairs 

If you utilise high speed doors on your property in Croydon, you will know the importance of making sure they are well maintained and regularly serviced. Doing so is a great way to invest in the longevity of your doors and limit the number of costly repairs you will need carried out. Here at BGS, we carry out bespoke servicing and maintenance for our clients’ high speed doors in Croydon. 

The frequency with which we visit your site to service and maintain your doors will depend on a number of factors, such as the age, use, and manufacturer of your doors. During our visits, our expert team will thoroughly inspect your doors, identifying any minor issues and having them rectified before they can escalate into major problems. We will always make a full record of any work we carry out, which can then be used as proof to your insurance provider that your doors are fully functional and compliant. 

If you find that your Croydon high speed doors require repairs, we can also help with that as we offer expert repair services. Our team will arrive onsite within 4 hours of your call, equipped with the necessary tools and parts to carry out most repairs first time. If we find that a specialist part is required for the repair, we will secure your site and return to complete the fix once we have received the part. 

You can rest assured knowing we never leave your site unsecured and that we always aim to provide an essential first time fix on your high speed doors, Croydon clients. 

Other Products We Can Service

Here at BGS, we want to make sure we can cater to as many clients as possible. It is for this reason that we are experienced and knowledgeable on a variety of industrial doors and entrances, not just high speed doors. Croydon clients can come to us for work on: 

  • Automatic Entrance Doors 
  • Fire Shutter Doors 
  • Folding Shutter Doors 
  • Sectional Overhead Doors 
  • Steel Hinged Doors 
  • Roller Shutter Doors 

Automatic Entrance Doors 

Automatic entrance doors are exactly what the name would suggest; entrance doors that open automatically. These are a popular choice of commercial doors as they are easy to use and provide many benefits. The hands-free nature of these doors make it easy for both employees and customers to enter your premises, and they are ideal for allowing entry for those with accessibility requirements. 

You will find these doors in buildings where there is a high flow of foot traffic as they help to ease congestion. Hospitals, hotels, shipping centres, and more utilise these doors. 

Fire Shutter Doors 

As the name suggests, fire shutter doors help prevent the spread of fire in your property, and they are required for both legal and health and safety reasons. These doors implement automatic mechanisms that are activated in the event of a fire, helping to prevent the spread. They are made from steel, as it is an ideal material with which to block the spread of fire and smoke within a building. 

Folding Shutter Doors  

Folding shutter doors are doors which, when opened, fold across horizontally to reveal the entrance. These are ideal for properties that lack space, as they fold open in a concertina style, thereby requiring very little space to open and close them. This allows cars, vans, and lorries to park closer to the entrance itself, making the loading and unloading of goods much quicker and easier. 

Sectional Overhead Doors  

Sectional overhead doors open vertically and, when fully opened, are tucked away in the ceiling of a room. The way they open and tuck away make these doors ideal for properties that lack space, as they can maximise the use of space both within and in front of a room. As they fold up and away, this allows vehicles to park directly in front of the entrance without blocking the doors. 

Steel Hinged Doors   

Steel hinged doors are ideal for properties where security is of the utmost importance. These doors are built so as to be heavy duty and to make it much harder for any intruders to break into your property. Additionally, these doors hold up well when exposed to the elements, unlike wooden doors which can warp or rot. 

Roller Shutter Doors 

Roller shutter doors are entrance that, when opened, roll up into the ceiling. They are easy to use and provide a fast entrance solution, which is ideal for areas where goods are moved frequently. These doors help to improve the efficiency of a business by allowing a much faster pace to be set when loading and unloading goods, and they are strong and durable too. 

24hr Emergency Call Out  

We want to make sure we are there for our clients whenever they need us. This is why we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Regardless of what time it is, whether it is 3am on the weekend or even a bank holiday, our team will be on hand to assist. You can always rely on our team to be there when you need our assistance. 


Here at BGS, we pride ourselves on providing a swift service for our clients, always arriving within 4 hours of your initial call. This is achievable thanks to our many depots, which span the width and breadth of the country. Wherever you are located, we will have a depot nearby. As such, when you require out assistance for your high speed doors in Croydon, we will be swift in our response time. 


Over the years, we have built up a loyal client base thanks to our excellent services and stellar results. Many of our clients not only keep us on retainer for their industrial doors, but also highly recommend us to other searching for an experienced team of engineers. 

You can read some of the many glowing reviews we have received from our clients over on our testimonials page. We are confident that reading these will convince you that we are the premier team to handle your high speed doors in Croydon. 

Why Choose BGS?

Here at BGS, we have many years of experience in the industry and have built up a wealth of knowledge in this time. Our expert team have worked on many industrial doors over the years, including high speed doors, Croydon clients, so we will know exactly how to proceed with your request. 

Our expert team are all highly trained and qualified and have carried out many services on Croydon high speed doors over the years. They always arrive equipped with the tools and parts needed to work on your doors and they will keep you informed every step of the way. 

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So, if you believe that we at BGS are the premier team to service, maintain, and repair your high speed doors, Croydon clients, you need only get in touch today. You can call us on 02081038518 to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in further detail, answer any questions you may have, and offer helpful advice.  

Alternatively should you wish to reach out via a written method, you can fill out our online form or send an email to us at [email protected]. we will respond as soon as possible via your preferred method of contact. 

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