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Are you looking for a new set of high speed doors Darlington Clients? Look no further than BGSs Services, your top doors experts. If you’ve been looking for an upgrade, now is the time to contact us and let us handle your high speed doors.  

We provide and install prime quality high speed doors manufactured by trusted companies all over England. We have accumulated years of knowledge and recruited the most skilled engineers, so you can rest assured that your high speed doors are in safe and trusted hands.   

The installation of a range of advanced and affordable high speed doors is not the only service we offer. We at BGS also offer anticipatory and reactive maintenance services too. If you need to have your doors fixed or replaced, you can give us a call, and we’ll be there at high speed, day or night, within less than four hours. Contact our team now on 01135 325 501.  


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The Go-To High Speed Doors Service in Darlington

If you’re looking to supply your commercial or industrial property with the perfect set of high speed doors, the team to rely on is BGS, your number one doors specialists.   

At BGSs Services, your commercial and industrial doors are in the most trusted and skilled hands in Darlington. We can provide you with routine maintenance and repair visits for your high speed doors that include basic part repairs, doors part replacement, and force tests.   

Many things can go wrong with your doors, even when properly installed. Because we care about your business plan and the safety of your employees, we’ve hired the most skilled engineers to handle your high speed doors.   


Premium High Speed Doors   

We’ve partnered up with high speed companies that share our values: quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. You can rest assured that the high speed doors we supply are manufactured by trusted and skilled hands with years of experience in this industry.   

What Are High Speed Doors?    

High speed doors are intended for both internal and external use. They are usually installed wherever supply traffics happen and where the doors need to satisfy specific requirements.   

Take the example of medical, food and beverage industries, where industrial doors are needed to retain specific climatic conditions. The speedy opening and closing of high speed doors help to conserve these goods at the right temperature and allow a smooth overall operation within the facility.   

High speed doors can also be designed in larger sizes for aircraft and mining industries. They are specifically chosen for their built-in security system against intruders and harsh weather.   


Where are High Speed Doors Used?

High speed doors are multipurpose! Their quality material and advanced yet user-friendly mechanism make them the first-line commercial and industrial doors. High speed doors are, in fact, the most commonly used doors in the UK.   

Warehouse, pharmaceutical, and food production companies all install high speed industrial doors to keep their goods under controlled temperature and away from decay and pests.   

High speed doors are also required for factories with high traffic of goods and services, such as large factories, grain and milling industries, and car washes. High speed doors fasten the overall operations of these industries and maintain comfortable and safe working conditions.   

Benefits of Using High Speed Doors

High speed doors are excellent for both internal and external use.   

They open and close at high speed, which allows your staff, supplies, and vehicles to access and exit the facility faster.   

A faster mechanism also means lower chances of controlled temperature escaping the building. This is especially essential to keep the products fresh and minimize their contact with external factors.  

In addition to that, high speed doors roll upward, unlike regular doors. This mechanism frees up space for more goods to be stored inside the facility.   

High speed doors are also the best option of industrial doors because their fast movement reduces your energy footprint and hence your yearly electricity bill.   

High speed doors also shave off an incredible chunk of your bill because they have a built-in security system. Why would you install separate monitors for your property if you can opt for a better budget-friendly solution?  

Why Should You Keep Your Doors Checked?  

Many of our customers at BGS regularly use commercial and industrial doors. For this reason, it is vital that every door is properly checked and compliant with the UK’s legislation.  Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that employers need to make sure that their staff are working in safe environments. We take this legislation seriously, and when we carry out inspections, there are many factors that we consider before implementing a project.

Why Choose us?  

When it comes to high speed doors, we provide Darlington customers with all kinds of services – from door installations to minor or complex repairs, you have our ongoing support and 24/7 servicing. Our team has experience in maintaining the doors of a range of companies; you can rely on us whatever your case is.   

At BGSs Services, we care to support local businesses, which is why we also offer a maintenance package for your high speed doors. These enable you to set a more proactive and economic plan for your business. Call us now on 01135 325501 and find out more about this procedure.   

What’s Included in Our High Speed Doors Darlington Service?    

At BGS, we provide our Darlington customers with a full range of services, from the installation of brand new doors to regular checks and reparations.   

If you require any type of service when it comes to your doors, give us a call on 01135 325501. Our door specialist will be there in less than 4 hours to inspect your property and listen to your requirements. We’ve worked hard on having a 24-hour emergency line because we care about your safety. Should anything go wrong with your doors, our team is only one call away.   



Other Services 

Besides high speed doors, we at BGS also fix, maintain, service, and install other doors. These doors include:  

Automatic Entrance Doors

Automatic entrance doors are mostly installed in commercial and industrial premises. These doors offer a combination of easy access, exceptional internal temperature control and pest control. Automatic entrance doors come in several designs, which complements the appearance of any commercial building.   

Roller Shutter Doors    

Roller shutter doors are a great choice for industrial and commercial settings, especially for rear-service entrances. These doors are user friendly because they can be operated manually or automatically. Roller shutter doors provide a durable, sturdy, and practical solution for internal and external entrances.   

Gates and Grilles    

Our services are not limited to doors; we also install, maintain, and repair gates and grilles, even gates for lifts! They come in numerous designs to suit the overall tone of your property. If you’re looking to equip your building with a new security grille or need a new gate for your internal service elevator, you know who’s the team for the job.  


Electric Gates and Barriers    

Electric gates and barriers are usually installed in public buildings or private residential areas where the access of vehicles needs to be monitored. These are the best solution to keep your property’s environment regulated and safe from intruders. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our doors company today.  

Traffic Barriers    

Besides doors, we also repair, service, and maintain traffic barriers. Traffic barriers keep vehicles within their roadway and prevent them from crashing against obstacles or driving down steep slopes. Traffic barriers are also installed in vulnerable zones like schools and pedestrian areas.   

Secure Exit Lanes    

Finally, we’re one of the best door companies for the installation of secure exit lanes. These doors are vital at airports to ensure the safety of passengers as well as workers. These doors come in numerous configurations to fulfil different requirements and fit a variety of facility models. We at BGS have experience with serving all of them.   


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After having read the article above, it should be apparent who you need to call for any issue regarding your commercial or industrial doors. We’ve grown a nationwide network of depots to ensure that your doors are maintained at high speed, wherever you are in England.  

If you’re facing any issue with your high speed doors or require a new set of doors, one of our trusted engineers will be at your doorstep in Darlington in no time. You’ve worked hard to build your company, so we’ll work hard to secure your ideal vision of it. You can now get in touch with our team by calling 01135 325 501 or by emailing [email protected]. 


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