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Does your business make use of a loading bay? Do you need to ensure your employees’ safety when loading and unloading products? If so, you need to invest in a set of automatic vehicle restraints, otherwise known as Calematic wheel chocks.

The purpose of a Calematic wheel chock is to prevent the vehicle from moving away from the loading bay unexpectedly, thus causing an accident and endangering your staff. When working on a loading bay or another industrial or commercial site, the safety of your employees is paramount.

We understand that every business wishes to take good care of its employees, which is why so many people turn to us at BGS. We provide reliable Calematic wheel chocks that are manufactured using only the highest-quality materials. So, you can be sure the safety of your employees is of the utmost importance to us.

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How Do They Work?

When the restraints are needed, they raise up from the ground, locking in place in front of the wheel to prevent the trailer from rolling forward and causing an accident.

Depending on what type of Calematic wheel chock you choose, the model will either have one or two pits. Whether you opt for the singular chock, which has two pits, or the double chock, which has one, you will be receiving a model that is simple yet secure by design.

By using Calematic wheel chocks, the risk of accidents is greatly reduced. The resistance provided by the chocks is enough to prevent an unexpected departure, and therefore an accident, from occurring.

Should the vehicle move away from the loading bay without the proper deployment of a wheel chock, a person or forklift could roll into the gap between the loading bay and the vehicle, causing severe injury or worse.

Why Should You Invest in Calematic Wheel Chocks?

We know that you want to protect your employees and maintain a safe working environment. In order to do this effectively, there really is no better choice than our Calematic wheel chock system. Suitable for commercial and industrial premises, our Calematic wheel chocks help to keep the vehicle firmly located at the loading bay, allowing your employees to work safely. 

Another advantage of the Calematic wheel chocks that we deliver is that they’re incredibly easy to use. The simple and automated process means that all members of your team will be able to use it with ease. What’s more, our traffic light system ensures clear communication between the driver and employees at all times. Clear and constant communication between the driver and the bay operator is essential to ensure safety, and this is made possible with Calematic’s.  

Long-Term Support

After you’ve invested in a Calematic wheel chock system, you’ll want to make sure that it continues to function correctly for a long time. The simple design means that issues rarely arise, however yearly maintenance is recommended to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  At BGS we offer comprehensive maintenance plans which will cover all of your servicing needs.  

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The benefits of installing a Calematic wheel chock system on your premises are numerous. To find out more about how a Calematic wheel chock system could improve efficiency and protect your employees, don’t hesitate to get in touch! To speak to a member of our team directly, please call us today on 08085 015 083.

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