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Loading Bay Technology in South Lanarkshire

Are you looking to maintain your site’s loading bay facilities? Then look no further than BGS for loading bay technology in South Lanarkshire. Loading bay technologies are critical infrastructure necessary for smooth and safe operations at commercial and industrial sites. We cater to dock levellers, shelters, and calematic wheel locks, carrying out work to the highest standards. 

We offer bespoke commercial maintenance services and a commercial repair service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In any instance where you require the assistance of our highly skilled and qualified engineers, pick up the phone and call us on 01771670463. 

To find out more, please call us today on 01771670463.

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South Lanarkshire Loading Bay Technology Specialists

Here at BGS, we cater to the ongoing maintenance and servicing requirements of the following loading bay technologies: 

Dock levellers are an important piece of your loading bay infrastructure. When a lorry backs up to a service hatch, there is often a gap in between and a height difference between the loading bay and the lorry’s rear compartment. This makes it virtually impossible to use forklifts and can increase the likelihood of an accident. 

The purpose of levellers is to bridge the gap and level out the height difference. This creates a safe platform on which to walk and enables the use of forklifts. 

Dock shelters are intended to extend from the outer building wall to the back of the lorry, protecting the employees and goods inside from inclement weather. Some shelters create a sealed environment, making them suitable for temperature-controlled settings. 

Lastly, calematic wheel chocks are vehicle restraint devices installed in the ground beneath where the vehicle parks. When deployed, they hold the lorry in place by clamping the wheels, preventing sudden movements. 

Any one of these technologies can fail if not maintained correctly, leading to the potential for a serious accident to occur. Fortunately, we can help. 

Our commercial maintenance packages are bespoke and tailored to your requirements. We assess the usage and age of the technology and consider current legislation and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Then we develop a bespoke plan tailored to your needs and budget. 

A standard servicing plan covers a set number of visits per year. Our team will perform several tasks during these visits to keep your loading bay technologies working safely. Any work carried out is recorded in a Yellow Door Wallet for your records and insurance purposes. 

Lastly, if something should go wrong, we’re on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We operate mobile workshops with the tools, equipment, and spare components necessary to affect first-time repairs in most cases. And if we need to order additional parts, we’ll ensure a safe and temporary fix is put in place before we depart. 

Benefits to Maintenance and Servicing of Loading Bay Technology in South Lanarkshire

You have enough on your plate running a business without worrying about whether your loading bay technologies will let you down. With regular maintenance and servicing, this needn’t be a problem. Here are some reasons why you should invest in regular maintenance and annual servicing: 

  • Prolongs the Lifespan 
  • Reduces Operational Costs 
  • Complies with Safety Regulations 
  • Improves Aesthetics 

Through neglect, any piece of equipment will deteriorate much faster than it otherwise would. This can knock years off the lifespan of your loading bay equipment. It makes sense, therefore, to stay on top of maintenance and servicing. 

Failure to check our loading bay equipment regularly could lead to small, undetected issues becoming much larger, costlier problems to fix. Save yourself from costly repair costs by having your facilities maintained and serviced. 

You could be liable if something goes wrong, and an employee is injured. You’re, therefore, legally obligated to keep your loading bay technologies in safe working order. 

Why Choose Our Services?

BGS has more than 30 years of experience installing, fixing, servicing, and maintaining doors and shutters. Our expertise extends to the upkeep of loading bay technologies, such as levellers, shelters, and calematic wheel chocks. 

Our team comprises highly trained, certified engineers, and we as a company are accredited by organisations that include CHAS, SMAS, Safecontractor, and ADI. 


We boast 35 strategically placed nationwide depots. All our vehicles are equipped to minimise downtime. Our highly trained engineers carry out all work. And our onsite quick quote system puts you in full control of repair costs – each quick quote is carried out free of charge by one of our skilled engineers. 

And we offer exceptional maintenance service guarantees for your peace of mind. What more reason could you need to call us for your loading bay gate requirements? 

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So, if you’re looking to maintain your site’s loading bay technology, South Lanarkshire customers need look no further than BGS. We do everything from dock levellers and shelters to calematic wheel locks. We can maintain loading bay gates and all the features you need to keep your site operational. 

We’ve got you covered with commercial repair and maintenance services. For full details or to enquire about hiring our team, call us on South Lanarkshire. If you’d prefer to get in touch using a written method, fill out our online contact form or email South Lanarkshire. We’ll reply to your written query as soon as possible. 

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