Doors, Gates & Shutters Maintenance And Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs 

BGS are committed to ensuring all of your entrances are fully functional and in-line with current legislation with their maintenance and repairs service.

Any commercial or industrial property owner will know that it is important to have all doors, gates, and shutters professionally maintained and repaired. This is not just to protect your employees and customers but is required for both your insurance policy and to remain compliant with legislative requirements.

This is where BGS come in with their comprehensive maintenance and repair service. They aim to keep your entrances fully operational through regular servicing, minor adjustments to fix underlying issues, and expert repairs.

The BGS team will recommend the minimum number of services you will require per annum. They will base this on the usage of your entrances, UK regulatory requirements, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Their packages are competitive and can be tailored to suit any budget, so you can always expect a bespoke plan with their team.

All services will be carried out by their expert team of engineers, all of whom are well versed in health and safety legislation. You will always receive sound advice from their professionals, whose mission is to spare you from costly repairs. Included in their comprehensive maintenance and repair service are minor adjustments, part replacements, upgrades, and spot repairs.

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Through BGS’ excellent maintenance and repair service, you will be able to prolong your doors’ service life, save money on costly repairs, and ensure you are fully compliant with all legislation. 


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