Clarks are professional shoemakers with a reputation that stretches back to 1825. For nearly 200 years, Clarks have continued to innovate, from the slipper created by Cyrus and James Clark to the world’s first foot-shaped shoe. Clarks have studied the human foot, scrutinised its biomechanics, and devised incredible solutions that have revolutionised the footwear industry. Clarks recently contacted BGS to request a new traffic barrier for one of their locations.

Job Brief (The Challenge)

Previously, Clarks had had an issue with this particular location where they were frequently inundated with people using their limited parking space. They were looking for a way to address this problem, ensuring that the spaces were only being used by those authorised to use them. They contacted BGS, and we were happy to recommend a manual traffic barrier. This would provide them with greater control over access to the car park.

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Our Solution

There were no issues encountered with this job, and we were able to complete the work very quickly. We quoted them for the new barrier and had the barrier delivered and installed in a short space of time. The barrier itself was quick to install, and we started the work early to avoid causing any disruption to customers using the car park.

Once installed, the barrier was inspected to ensure it had been fitted correctly and that it opened and closed correctly. The client was familiarised with the barrier along with any other features they needed to be aware of.

Once we were done, we cleared away any mess and ensured the site was left as we found it.


The job took very little time to complete from the point of enquiry to the final sign off on the installation. This included supplying a traffic barrier that would meet the client’s requirements. The client was very happy with the new barrier and the speed and efficiency with which the work was carried out. They were also pleased to now have the means to stop anyone unauthorised from using the car park.

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