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The Davies Group is a specialist professional service provider and technology firm that collaborates with leading insurance, global and highly regulated businesses. They assist clients with managing risk while operating their core business processes, transforming, and growing. Their services include operations, consulting, and technology solutions across the risk and insurance value chain. A short time ago, we were contacted by the Davies Group, who were contending with a barrier that was in a serious state of disrepair.

Job Brief (The Challenge)

The entrance is secured by a barrier that only permits authorised personnel, allowing control over those who have access to the site. However, the barrier was in poor condition, having been present for many years and gone through thousands of opening and closing cycles. The cabinet was old and riddled with rot, so it needed replacing as soon as possible. As the entrance directly served the site and was necessary for restricting access, it needed to be replaced with a new barrier better suited to the task.

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Our Solution

The job itself was straightforward, with no issues encountered. In fact, we were able to complete the job on the same day. Prior to work commencing, it was necessary to do a spot of gardening. While our team aren’t gardeners, we’re quite capable of clearing away any overgrown vegetation, of which a fair amount had accumulated around the barrier.

With the vegetation removed, the old barrier and cabinet were removed. These were taken from the site by us at the point of completion to be disposed of correctly. The new barrier and cabinet were then installed and tested by our team, ensuring full functionality. Once fitted, any waste materials associated with the work were removed by our team, and the new barrier was inspected one last time to ensure it was working correctly.


The client was satisfied with the new barrier and the speed and efficiency with which the work was carried out. No radical changes were required; we simply replaced the old barrier and cabinet with a modern, more efficient version. And we’d left the area neater thanks to the removal of the vegetation. The new barrier will make the entrance more secure and even improve the aesthetics compared to the original.

The work was completed in a day, with everything going smoothly. Any disruption caused to the client was kept to a minimum.

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