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We recently had a client reach out to us who was experiencing an issue with a faulty gate. The gate in question was located at Hindpool Retail Park, and our client, Dante, asked us to carry out an inspection. The gate itself was very old and had not been used for many years, resulting in it no longer being safe or functional. Our team was tasked with restoring the gate to top condition or providing the next best solution if the gate was beyond repair.

The Challenges

While this was not an emergency job, it still needed to be completed quickly for the sake of client convenience. After a quick inspection, our surveyor determined that the gate would need to be replaced, as the existing model was in too bad a condition. The old gate would not have been able to pass a force test due to its size and weight, so a replacement model was necessary.

This project posed a challenge as our team needed to find a suitable gate for the client and have it fitted as quickly as possible. The new gate would need to be highly functional and safe for everyone on the site to use. While another company had offered a quote to replace the motor, they did not provide advice concerning safety devices, and we explained to the client that this is not correct to BS Standards.

The task required our team to remove the existing gate promptly and safely to avoid any further disruption- as the gate was located outside a loading area which was used frequently for deliveries.

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The Results

After a thorough consultation process, our team managed to source a brand-new gate for the client that was suitable for their needs. The gate was a Cantilever Gate, which was supplied by Parking Facilities. The model comes complete with all the required safety devices and useful automated functionality. It was important for us to find a gate that would suit all the client’s requirements.

Once the old gate was removed and the new one delivered, our team had it fitted promptly. As we do on all of our installation projects, we carried out comprehensive testing on the gate to make sure that it was functioning correctly. Our staff also ensured that the gate met all the required health and safety standards.

While the job was not an emergency, our team still worked with speed and efficiency to complete the project in as little time as possible. In total, it took us three days to remove the old gate and have a new one fitted. The client was left wholly satisfied with our efforts and was pleased with the new gate that we provided.

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