High-Speed Door Installation – Kannegiesser, Banbury

Our team recently embarked on the installation of a new high-speed door for the industrial equipment supplier, Kannegiesser at their site in Banbury.

Job Brief

We were contacted by the Kannegiesser team as they wanted to have a new, state-of-the-art high-speed door installed on their property. The client wanted a door that would be easy to operate and would maintain a high level of functionality for many years. It was important to the client that the door could withstand being used throughout the course of a working day without its operating efficiency decreasing.

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The Challenge

Our team introduced the client to a wide range of high-speed doors, making recommendations on models that would be suitable for their needs. Once the client settled on a door model, the BMP Pack Speed Door, to be exact, we arranged a convenient date and time upon which to have it delivered and installed. Our staff had to coordinate closely with the client to make sure that the installation work could be completed at a time that would not be disruptive to everyday Kannegiesser’s business practices.

The Solution

We worked with speed and efficiency to have the new high-speed door installed in no time. Our staff carried out thorough testing on the door after it was put into place to make sure it was working correctly. What’s more, we left the client with extensive maintenance advice, providing them with insight that would allow them to keep their high-speed door in the best possible condition. Overall, the Kannegiesser team was left wholly satisfied with the highly functional high-speed door that we installed from scratch.

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