New E/OP Roller Shutter with Wicket Door

A recent job arose when members of our team responded to a callout request.

Job Brief (The Challenge)

Upon inspection of an old rusted collapsible gate, we determined that it would be far better to replace the gate entirely. The condition of the gate meant that it was simply no longer economical to repair and would have failed again before too long. The original gate was also designed such that it provided no real protection from the elements. It also needed to be opened each time someone needed to gain entry.

From an economic, safety, and practical standpoint, replacing the gate was the only sensible option.

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Our Solution

Our solution was to replace the entire gate with an E/OP roller shutter. The roller shutter provides far better protection from the elements and the added benefit of privacy and increased security. One other key benefit of this roller shutter is that it features a wicket door. The wicket door provides staff with an alternative means of access. This proved beneficial as the main door was situated on a busy main road. Plus, a wicket door is great for small deliveries or staff access as it means the main door remains shut, keeping heat from escaping the warehouse/factory.

The job involved removing and disposing of the original gate, fitting the new roller shutter, and inspecting it to ensure everything was working correctly.


The installation took two days (Saturday and Sunday), and our team took the usual steps to minimise any disruption caused to the client. At the conclusion of the work, the client was delighted with the results and with finally being rid of that old, rusted gate.

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