PVH Silverburn Shopping Centre Glasgow

PVH is one of the world’s biggest and most respected fashion companies. They connect with customers in more than 40 countries, selling iconic brands, from Calvin Klein to Tommy Hilfiger. The company possesses 140 years of history built on the strength of its brands, team, and commitment to push fashion forward for good.

Our Glasgow depot recently received a request from the PVH branch located at Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow. They wanted us to take a look at a faulty shutter that had become stuck in the closed position.

Job Brief (The Challenge)

Upon receiving the call, we were on-site in just over an hour. Following an inspection of the shutter, we were able to quickly discern that a failed Tube Motor was causing the issue. This had resulted in the shutter becoming stuck in the closed position.

While we had encountered this issue before, we’d never encountered it inside a shopping centre. This presented us with an increased challenge because of the restrictions due to the centre being open to the public.

As to what caused the issue, the shutter jammed, then freed itself, which, in turn, activated the safety brake. Unfortunately, the brake was not wired as it should have been, which caused the Tube Motor to fail.

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Our Solution

Our priority was to get the store trading again – the shutter was not equipped with a manual override facility, so it couldn’t be opened any other way. Our engineers attended along with a team of shopfitters who were there to cut back the ceiling, allowing us full access.

We were then able to lift the shutter and isolate it in the ‘up’ position. The next step involved cutting the shutter necessitating hot works. Hot works are where we use tools like angle grinders which cause sparks as they cut through materials. Due to the safety risk of sparks, hot works cannot be performed with members of the public present. So, we had to stop and wait until the store had closed at 11 PM before we could begin.

Once the work had been completed and the shutter restored to full working order, we discussed with PVH the benefits of a Pre-Planned Maintenance Plan. While PVH does not currently have an ongoing plan with us, they are keen to look into this for their UK stores moving forward.



The customer was incredibly happy with the work that we did. As mentioned above, they are now considering taking out a Pre-Planned Maintenance Plan with us to cover against future shutter issues. Gareth Burgess at PVH was even kind enough to leave us feedback, which you can read below:

If you’ve experienced repeated shutter failures and feel that you could benefit from a Pre-Planned Maintenance Plan, give BGS a call now.

“Just want to share with you the excellent service provided by Sam and Steve to get this job complete… the nice word to say about the shutter is that it was tough and a very stressful situation.

Everything that could go wrong did and your team kept the ideas/solutions coming until we finally managed to open back up.

Without them I have no doubt the store would still be closed! They really are an asset to your business. Thanks again.”


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