Roller Shutters Installation – CBRE

CBRE is the world’s largest commercial real estate service and investment firm. They employ over 100,000 employees, excluding affiliate offices, and have been included on the Fortune 500 since 2008. Their offices span the UK, and the world, and they share trade on the New York Stock Exchange. CBRE contacted BGS for the planned replacement of the roller shutter and traffic barriers at the entrance to their site.

Job Brief

CBRE originally had one large roller shutter and two traffic barriers at their entrance. The roller shutter would open in the morning and close at the end of the day, with the traffic barriers being used to regulate traffic in and outwe were called to update this system. The site tenants wanted to improve on security and so the site staff agreed to have the shutter connected to the access control system, allowing it to open and close for every incoming and outgoing vehicle. 

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The Challenge 

The challenge we faced with this job was that the original shutter, which was connected to the access control system, was never designed for this task. The client was unaware of this and our expert in this specific field, Kevin, wasn’t liaised with up to this point, so the shutter quickly started to fail. We also faced delays in installation due to the planning protocols surrounding the parking area and issues amalgamating the controls from the client’s access side to the shutter’s operation.


We called a site meeting with Kevin, the expert in this field, and we quickly solved the amalgamation of the controls issue for CBRE. We also recommended that the one large shutter be removed and that two smaller shutters, one for ingress and one for egress, be installed.

The shutters we installed were car park-rated and we also supplied and installed all of the supporting steel work and infills too. The two engineers onsite, working with Kevin, liaised with the client regarding the planning protocols, keeping them informed at every stage. Soon we had the entrance and exit system up and running as the client wished.

The client was left highly satisfied with our work and results and even left us a glowing testimonial. If you have roller shutters that are in need of an upgrade, get in touch with BGS and we will be happy to help.

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