Wheel Lock Emergency Call Out

We received a call from a customer whose lorry was stuck on a wheel lock and couldn’t be detached.

Job Brief (The Challenge)

Unfortunately, this incident happened during normal working hours, so it caused a fair amount of disruption to the client. As such, the wheel locks needed to be inspected as soon as possible so that normal business could resume. Ideally, the wheel lock would be repaired rather than replaced, as this was both the quicker and more cost-effective solution.

Thanks to the mobile service that we at BGS offer, our team of industrial door engineers were able to be with the client within 2 hours of the initial call being placed. Close proximity to clients has allowed us to carry out plenty of servicing on dock levellers and dock shelters, as well as wheel locks.

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Our Solution

Upon arriving at the client’s site, we carried out an inspection to identify the cause of the issue. The wheel lock was completely out of service, so our team stripped down the mechanism to inspect them properly. Upon doing so, our staff found that the limit switch, a vital part of the wheel lock, was jammed and not allowing the main ram to function correctly.

Once the root of the issue had been found, our team went ahead with the necessary maintenance and repair work. We released the switch and made sure that it was fully lubricated to reduce the chance of a similar problem in the future. Our team then re-attached the cover plates and lubricated the main ram before cleaning their work area.


Our engineers managed to get the wheel lock back in full working order once the fault had been identified. We made sure to test the wheel lock thoroughly before leaving to make sure that it was operating correctly. The client was immensely satisfied with our efforts and praised the speed with which our team responded and delivered a solution.

If you encounter a similar problem with your wheel locks and believe that our team at BGS Service can be of service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today. You can easily reach us through the details provided in our contact section.

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