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Yankee Candle are a worldwide brand spanning both the UK and Europe. They employ over 6,000 skilled, dedicated workers globally and play an invaluable role in making high-quality candles. Their stores, stockists, and authorised retailers can be found in nearly 600 locations, And their popular candles, fragrances, and accessories can be found in more than 35,000 locations. Yankee Candle contacted BGS recently to request assistance with an electric barrier that had corroded and snapped.

Job Brief (The Challenge)

The main entrance into Yankee Candle’s car park is protected by an electric barrier that serves to regulate access in and out. However, the barrier had fallen into disrepair, with corrosion forming impacting the integrity and performance. The barrier ended up snapping entirely, collapsing to the ground rendering it inoperable and impassable. As the barrier directly served the main access point, it needed to be replaced.

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Our Solution

The job was very straightforward, with no issues that slowed us down. We were able to respond quickly and supply the client with an instant on-site quote. This meant that we could expedite the delivery of a new barrier. From the initial point of enquiry to signing off the job, it took us around two weeks.

Our trained engineers have a great deal of experience and expertise when it comes to FACC barriers. Because of this, they were able to carry out the installation to an exceptionally high standard. Once installed, we made sure that the barrier was set up and balanced correctly. We demonstrated to the customer how to use the barrier and apprised them of any safety features and activation works.

We also liaised with the clients on how they wanted the barrier to be configured. This is because it’s possible with this barrier to change how the lights are set up. Once we were done, we cleared away any mess and ensured the site was left as we found it.


As we mentioned above, the job took around two weeks to complete. This included procuring an electric barrier that met our client’s requirements. The customer had lorries in and out all day, but fortunately, our team were able to work around these, ensuring minimal disruption. Barriers were employed to protect our engineers while they worked, meaning the lorries could continue using the entrance while we worked.

The client was happy with the new barrier and the speed and efficiency with which the work was carried out. If you have an electric barrier that’s seen better days, get in touch wit BGS today to request our servicing or maintenance and repair expertise

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