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Protect Your Dock Levellers During the Winter Period

Protect Your Dock Levellers During the Winter Period

As the winter months draw ever closer, business owners all over the country will be getting into the annual routines that come with the colder weather. One thing that every company needs to consider is putting in place protective measures for their industrial doors.

A vital piece of door equipment that is often overlooked by business owners is dock levellers. An essential item of loading equipment for many companies, dock levellers must be protected so that they do not break down due to cold conditions.

Below, you can learn more about why dock levellers are susceptible to breakdowns in the winter and find out how you can prevent such issues from developing.

What are Dock Levellers?

Dock levellers are a type of loading equipment that is frequently found on industrial and warehouse premises. Businesses use dock levellers to bridge the gap between a docked vehicle and a loading bay to ensure a safe and smooth loading or unloading process. Some properties will only have one dock leveller onsite, whereas others that experience a greater in- and outflow of goods will have several. Dock levellers come in a variety of models, with some being better suited to larger vehicles than others.

Loading bay technology has only continued to become more sophisticated over time, with newer models of dock levellers being highly adaptable. This piece of equipment is extremely secure and makes the process of loading or unloading goods significantly easier. As dock levellers have continued to improve, so too have the preventative measures that can be put in place to keep them in top condition. In the current business world, it is crucial to keep your dock levellers functioning correctly.

Are Dock Levellers Affected by Cold Weather?

Like all industrial doors and pieces of loading bay equipment, dock levellers can be negatively affected by the cold weather. For example, one of the prominent issues that a dock leveller can encounter is moisture in the oil reservoir freezing over. Such a problem is detrimental to the functionality of dock levellers as it will prevent the hydraulics from working correctly. What’s more, once thawed, this moisture can cause the pump and cylinder to become rusty, which will damage efficiency.

Another common problem that business owners with dock levellers encounter is frozen patches forming on the surface of the leveller. One of the primary functions of a dock leveller is to make the process of loading and unloading goods safer. As such, frozen patches on the surface of your leveller will cause major safety concerns. Slippery areas will not only pose a threat to your goods, but they are also a hazard for workers who are operating in and around the loading area.

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How Can You Protect Your Dock Levellers in the Winter?

With so many potential problems occurring as a result of the winter weather, it’s essential for property owners presiding over dock levellers to put in place protective measures. Having such measures will ensure that your dock levellers continue to function without issue throughout the winter season. What’s more, most protective measures are inexpensive and will simply require you to be more diligent in the handling of your dock levellers.

One such protective measure that you can carry out to prevent the freezing of moisture in the dock leveller oil reservoir is to regularly check this area. Scheduling in an oil reservoir inspection towards the end of autumn will allow you to identify any moisture that has found its way into the tank. If moisture is

present, you can then get to work on having it removed before far colder weather blows in. Making such an inspection a habit will significantly reduce the chances of moisture freezing in your oil reservoir.

Another simple yet effective step that you can take to maintain the functionality of your dock levellers is to control the temperature inside your loading bay. By maintaining a warm environment around the entrance of the loading bay, you will prevent icy patches from forming on your dock levellers and other pieces of essential loading equipment. What’s more, maintaining a warm environment will also make working conditions significantly more comfortable for your loading staff during the winter months.

Property owners are often unsure how to implement the protective measures mentioned above practically. It is for this reason that a team like ours at BGS is available to provide extra advice if it is required.

The Benefits of Protecting Your Dock Levellers

While it will seem obvious to many, the main benefit of protecting your dock levellers during the colder months is that they will continue to function without issue. There are few things worse for a business in the Christmas period than when an essential piece of onsite equipment breaks down. Having dock levellers repaired can be a long process depending on the extent of the damage. As such, it is worth playing things safe and having protective measures installed well in advance.

Another advantage of having your dock levellers protected from the cold weather is that it will reduce the chances of costly repairs being required. Christmas is an expensive time for all businesses, so you don’t want to put a dent in your profits by having to shell out for dock leveller repairs. The cost of having effective protective measures installed is far less than the price of a repair. You’ll find that staying ahead of the game where protective measures are concerned will prove to be cost-efficient in the long run.

Learn More About Dock Leveller Protection by Contacting the Experts!

At BGS, we offer an extensive range of quality repair and maintenance services for property owners that have dock levellers. If you’re concerned about protecting this piece of equipment during the winter months and would like professional advice, be sure to reach out to our experts today. We’ll provide you with useful information and even servicing if necessary to make sure that your dock levellers remain in top condition. Call now on 08085 015 083 or email [email protected].