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Sectional doors are a key fixture of manufacturing or industrial structures, for functional, structural, and protective reasons. If you’re looking to fit your business’s frame with a sectional overhead door, look no further than BGS. 

We have experience not only with these types of doors, but also with doors of every design and model. We deliver services for your doors across the board, be it installation, maintenance, or full-on repairs. And the best part? We do this 24/7, giving you all-day access of our services, especially if your needs are of an urgent nature. 

Because doors are the main protective barrier of the building’s forefront, it is imperative that they possess a good design with thorough inspection. Our team of engineers, bolstered by years’ worth of expertise, have got all your bases covered. With sectional doors specifically, you can count on us for a quality finish. 

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Quality Services for Sectional Overhead Doors in Aberystwyth

Unfortunately, no door is invincible, and sectional doors are no exception. In spite of their strength, structural or technical problems remain a possibility. Difficulties range from slight malfunction, to full blown breakdown of doors, leading to major disruptions to your workflow. Don’t let these annoyances impede your team’s productivity, or even their safety. 

Doors with structural flaws are a potential hazard to your workers, making you vulnerable to legal action should an incident occur. Whatever the problem with your doors may belet BGS take the reins and steer your doors towards long-lasting functionality. 

The services we provide to your doors combat these unpredictable issues; we are just a phone call away, armed with the maintenance and repair services needed to redeem your doors’ functionality. You can rest assured that your doors are in accordance with the “1992 Workplace Regulations – Maintenance of Equipment, Devices and Systems” code of conduct.  

We also execute routine check-up sessions of your doors, inspecting for structural flaws that could cost exponentially more if they go unnoticed. If, however, an emergency does occur with your doors, we are right there with you, implementing the tailor-made emergency procedures we have in place.  

Prevention is the golden ticket to ergonomic productivity, worker safety, and reduced maintenance costs, so it’s worth it to have a plan to fall back on. When it comes to your doors, let us do the work for you! Our team of technicians will gladly perform a comprehensive inspection of your existing commercial doors, pointing out any shortcomings that need immediate attention. 

We take into account the doors’ utility purposes, potential issues that may arise, and even manufacturer maintenance suggestions. No stone is left unturned with your doors when you choose to recruit our helping hands. All this information eventually pours into a customized and comprehensive service plan with your doors in mind, that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. 

We offer you the option of scheduling evenly spaced out inspection visits, so you can stay on top of your doors’ maintenance. Over the course of a year, we will dispatch one of our specialists, at your convenience of course, to examine your facility doors. The information accrued from each visit will be catalogued in a Yellow Door Wallet, as an insurance formality.  

Sectional doors are specifically chosen for their durability in high-contact commercial settings. However, it is because of this context that the doors are more likely to be damaged, with the blame falling on heavy machinery, such as forklifts or HGV’s. Cables that are stuck or worn out also pose an issue to the doors’ serviceable life. Whatever the case may be, it is best to contact specialists as soon as possible, to save yourself the time and costs of buying a whole new door altogether. 

Tackle existing problems as soon as they are discovered by calling our team of engineers. You can expect them on site in as little as four hours from the time of call placement, backed up by their expertise and specialized skillsets. The target for your doors is to provide quality services with minimal disruptions to your facility’s schedule, so that you don’t have to sacrifice precious working hours. 

In a worst case scenario, a fix for your doors may not be possible the first time around, so we can simply agree upon a convenient time to visit you once again, accompanied by the spare parts your doors require. The good news is that this is a rare occurrence, as we tote around all the machinery and tools we may need on-site in our vans, which serve a double function of vehicle and workspace. These portable work stations provide spare parts for your doors at a moment’s notice, saving valuable time that would otherwise be wasted on multiple visits.   

With doors, grievances span simple broken chains to faulty springs, all the way to complete breakdowns of the doors. This is why the law demands that you perform frequent inspections of your rolling sectional doors, to avoid injury and subsequent liability. We take the trouble out of this routine by providing our clients with comprehensive servicing deals for every facet of their doors. 

So, what exactly do our service packages encompass? You’ll be happy to see that our list is inclusive of all major mishaps that could plague your doors, as we make it a point to handle otherwise costly fixes. Apart from actual repairs, you can benefit from part substitution, feature adjustments, upgrades, strength testing, and candid advice from our specialists. 

What are Sectional Overhead Doors Used for?

These doors have proved themselves indispensable, as they enhance forefront aesthetics, facilitate functional transitions, and barricade against intruder entry. In a nutshell, they are very versatile as opposed to other models of doors, especially in an ergonomic setting. Consequently, they are gaining rising popularity as the doors of choice for the external portion of commercial operations.  

Their resilience and toughness against the elements make them all the more practical, reducing the need for frequent replacements of your doors. They are all the more economical for the extra space they provide, as they move vertically; objects in front of the doors do not need to be moved for the doors to swing outwards.  

When it comes to security, these resilient doors offer impressive protection against intruders of any kind. Due to the constructive materials of such doors, they are almost impossible to break into without specialized technician tools, and even that would entail a lot of noise! This built-in security system immediately alerts you should someone attempt to break through your doors. As a result, you can ensure the all-in-one safety of your home, family, and valuables. 

The layers built into sectional doors also provide the adjoining room with insulation, so that you can spend time in your sectional overhead doors or office untroubled by extreme temperatures. Thermal control means that you can establish a certain temperature level, simultaneously cutting down on excessive heating costs. Another silver lining of such doors is moisture control. These doors protect against humidity and damp, which is all the more important when you have cars or metallic tools in the connected space. 

Universities, Schools, Colleges

These sectional doors are not just a tenet of residential structures, but of commercial ones as well. Their functionality and protective qualities translate very well to establishments, like universities and schools. In such places where the protection of students is the number one priority, sectional doors are the go-to solution. 

Mainly, doors are used as fire separation closures, to inhibit the spread of fire from one building to another while evacuation occurs. You may also apply these doors in parking spaces, for effective separation of parking spots. Additionally, doors are available in grille form, providing a roll-up option for security separators, in the case of counters, lunch checkout, etc… 


Warehouses and Distribution 

In industrial or commercial settings, the use of sectional doors is growing. Doors are not only energy-effective, but grant much needed climate control in warehouses, which usually contain sensitive or spoil-prone products. The unique low-maintenance properties of the doors mean that your workflow can be interruption-free, also saving you the costs of frequent maintenance sessions. 

Sectional doors are so customizable that they even account for light. If your products are light-sensitive, you can tailor your sectional doors to let in minimal to no light. Ranging from light to heavy-duty, with multiple glazing and colour schemes, choose your doors’ material and ensure that your products remain in ideal condition. 

No matter your needs, these durable and aesthetic doors are available in an array of models and performance qualities, so you can have the freedom to exploreDistribution of commercial goods has never been so easy with the space-saving properties of sectional doors. Because such doors move vertically instead of swinging outwards, delivery transportation vehicles can park and receive cargo unfettered by the doors, saving you a lot of parking time and energy.  


Other Services BGS Offer

With BGSyour doors aren’t limited to a number of options. We are proud to say that we have expanded our services over the years with our customers in mind, to be able to manage their doors no matter what. 

Apart from working with doors of all shapes and design models, we also work with other types of access systems, including gates, traffic barriers, security grilles, and more. If you’re seeking to upgrade your manual structures into electrical doors with additional features, we’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’re just looking for a speedy and effective maintenance/repair service to keep your doors in stellar condition. 

Haven’t begun your journey with our doors? We would be delighted to install your very first set of doors at your facilities, with all the trimmings of a full service package. Whatever the case may be, BGS is there to remove the stress from the entire process.  

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At our Aberystwyth facilities, we offer our customers an impressive line of sectional doors to meet their diverse performance requirements. You can guarantee both quality and aesthetic finishes with our designs, be it in residential or commercial premises. Our doors are easy to use, modern-looking, and multi-purpose, making them the number one choice for customers nation-wide. If we’ve got you curious about installing a set of these doors, why not give us a call or shoot us an email? 

Get in touch with our specialized engineering team and reap the benefits of an overhead door. With a full guarantee of satisfaction, you can be sure that working with our technicians is a walk in the park. We make the entire process stress-free and minimally disruptive to our customers’ routines, bringing rapid installation and to-the-point inspection packages. Don’t put it off your doors any longer! Contact our highly trained workers now! 

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