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Here at BGS, we provide door services at competitive prices to suit the needs of every client we have in Accrington. Our experience spans various industries, and our door experts have worked on both commercial and industrial sectional overhead doors. We make sure that your roller shutter doors are compliant with today’s legislation and operational.  

Whether you need us for an emergency or yearly checkups, we are the team for the job! Our aim is to support you and keep your door expenses as low as possible. For that, we create a yearly plan to assess your sectional overhead doors and stop any issue from occurring. Adopt a preventive mindset towards your doors with our routine visits and avoid paying more for part replacement.  

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Quality Services for Sectional Overhead Doors in Accrington

Prevention is the best policy, especially as you could be liable if a door failure hurts someone. That’s why we offer regular maintenance to prevent bigger problems that stall your operations. Whether you are looking for maintenance or repair, we will deliver.

We have seen it all throughout our extensive experience, so we can repair just anything, including a roller shutter. Your door issue might include jammed or frayed cables, a broken drive chain, a spring failure, and many more problems.  

What are Sectional Overhead Doors Used For? 

Sectional overhead doors open linearly upwards, making them ideal for commercial or industrial premises that need every bit of space indoors. Warehouses and distribution centres use them for efficiency and speed. These roller shutter doors provide quick access to employees going in and out, and they allow for quicker loading and unloading of shipments and large goods. 

Universities, Schools, Colleges 

Here at BGS, we appreciate the fact that educational facilities have their own needs that cater to mass numbers of individuals, weather conditions, and have their own sets of safety concerns. For that, we have developed a door maintenance visit technique to stay in line with the rules and regulations for these safety concerns.  

Warehouses and Distribution 

Warehouses and other premises used for retail, logistics and other companies need to be able to load and unload large shipments of materials and equipment. These critical places need a top company like ours to guarantee no failures whatsoever. We can even schedule regular visits in convenient times without disrupting the productivity of the facility. 


The true utility of hospital doors is to get emergency vehicles to enter and exit certain premises effortlessly and swiftly. In addition, emergency situations require a more smooth nature to these operations. Here at BGS, we understand your need for swift sectional overhead door processes, and we act on incorporating them. Moreover, we take into consideration the sizing of doors you need for your hospitals to be just big enough to let emergency vehicles in, but not too big that it poses a threat to general safety concerns. 

Sectional Overhead Door Upgrades

Continuity and longevity are our goals of service. That is why we believe in upgrading and polishing the old in order for it to keep up and compete with the new. Our roller shutter door upgrades are there to make sure that your need for renovation is minimal. Our upgrading policy is a money saver for you when it comes to your doors, and a liability saver for us. 

Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors 

An establishments productivity is fairly dictated by its industrial doors. One faulty sectional overhead door is prone to disrupt the entire facilitys operations. That is why we here at BGS understand the liability failure of operations weighs on establishments, and we find it gravely unacceptable. Our team of professionals take all that into consideration and will set a schedule for a visit to incorporate our fixes and adjustments in your doors. Our aim is to do our job at an ideal time so as to not disrupt your operations. 

Sectional Overhead Door Installation 

Even when installed properly, overhead sectional doors are prone to getting damaged. Youll discover that working with a top sectional overhead door company like ours to fix your entrance doors is very convenient and less of a hassle for you. Your doors deserve the best. Our team of seasoned professionals will make sure your sectional overhead doors installation is as hassle-free as it can get, and that it is catered to your own time. 

Sectional Overhead Door Service

BGS is the leading sectional door repair and maintenance company. Your entrance doors are in safe hands, and were confident enough to claim that you wont find a more result-driven team that will keep an eye on your sectional doors.  

Sectional Overhead Door Repair 

We offer a wide range of repairs to your sectional overhead doors even for full-on crashes. If the emergency repair needs two visits to order parts, we will set up a temporary fix during the first visit and schedule a second one for a proper fix. We dont want you to incur heavy losses from stalling your operations just because of a negligible part in a door. However, this is a worst-case scenario.  

The probability of this happening is very low thanks to our teams equipment and trade-critical parts and components. Our vans will always be over-prepared. 

Sectional Overhead Door Maintenance 

As for door maintenance, our team will set a plan of the minimum number of visits required so that we keep your expenses minimal. Our engineers will decide on the optimal number based on many factors. These include the door manufacturers recommendation, the probability of failure, and the usage nature of the sectional door. 

Other Services BGS Offer 

You may be surprised that our services expand beyond sectional overhead doors. We offer repair and maintenance services for folding shutter doors, ICU/CCU doors, High-speed and revolving doors, and dock levellers and shelters. We guarantee that you wont be needed to deal with any other maintenance company for all your door requirements. 

Why Choose Us for Sectional Overhead Doors? 

Its true that we are open 24/7 for all your needs and emergencies, but we are also available literally every day of the year. Yes, we are even here to support you during public holidays and early morning hours. We also have 35 strategically-placed depots to cover the nation and not just your facilities in Accrington. You only need to check our customer testimonials if you are still at  a crossroads. 

Why Choose BGS? 

All the professionals at BGS are highly trained and certified engineers. They are well-versed in the matters of safety and quality of overhead sectional doors, and they are logged in a Yellow Door Wallet for insurance purposes. No matter how complicated your sectional doors may be, we are knowledgeable and geared for the task. 

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Are you still hesitant about working with us? Give us a call to get a free quote today on your sectional overhead doors at 08085 015480 for any door service that you may require. Or, you can email us at [email protected], and our customer service agents will respond in no time. Please hit us up when you need to learn more about our repair and maintenance services or the current door regulations. Besides, call us so we can schedule a free survey visit anytime. 

Prevention is the best remedy, and we highly encourage you to invest in regular visits to avoid more expensive and slow fixes. Lets work together to create a convenient maintenance plan for all your sectional entrance doors. Rest assured that we will always be there for you in case of emergencies for your sectional doors. 

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