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At BGS, we provide repair and maintenance services to ensure all your sectional entrance doors are operational and compliant with current legislation. Any business owner or property holder will be aware of the necessity of such door services. It is crucial to keep all overhead entrance doors safe and operational for maximum efficiency. Of course, youll want to protect your employees or clients from failures of sectional overhead doors, which tend to break easily.  

Not only do we ensure door safety all year round, but we also guarantee that your overhead entrance doors will be in line with the 1992 Workplace Regulations – Maintenance of Equipment, Devices, and Systems. We add value to your sectional entrance doors with regular checkups to pinpoint and fix underlying problems, thus avoiding costly door repairs. With their extensive door repair experience, our door experts can also come to your aid when things go wrong with your overhead door. 

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Quality Services for Sectional Overhead Doors in Aldershot

At BGS, our aim is to keep your overhead doors safe and functional with preventive routine checkups, force tests, and minor door repairs. Our services encompass all maintenance and repair tasks like part replacements, improvements, and localised repairs of all your doors. Through our birds eye view, we ensure that you will save money in the long run while prolonging the service life of your sectional doors. 

We design packages to suit all the needs of our clients without breaking their wallets. We care that you keep your expenses at a minimum regarding your doors, so our engineers will advise you on the minimum annual visits for your sectional doors. They base their decisions on the likelihood of a problem occurring, UK legal requirements for sectional door entrances, and the door manufacturers recommendations.  

  As for the safety of your doors, our door experts will sit with you to understand your needs before both parties create a yearly maintenance plan for your overhead doors. With our people-centric approach, we will communicate these decisions with you and customise our service to suit the budget you laid out for your overhead doors. We will also recommend best practices for your sectional entrance doors.  

We take the safety and quality of doors very seriously. So, we make sure that our engineers are well-educated on the health and safety regulations of doors. We grew our door resources over the years to serve you and your overhead doors better.  

What are Sectional Overhead Doors Used For 

Sectional overhead doors offer different benefits for various industries, thanks to their versatility. These overhead doors can be used in hospitals, retail facilities, warehouses, distribution centres, and even educational buildings. Overhead doors open vertically upwards, unlike regular doors that take up space inside and outside the building. When opened, these overhead doors can be parked right under the ceiling or parallel to the walls.  

Thanks to its convenient opening mechanism, a sectional overhead door plays a vital role in many commercial and industrial layouts. This practical door has allowed businesses over the years to take full advantage of all internal storage spaces. Even more, doors provide employees with quicker and more efficient access in and out of the facility. Also, these doors allow more room for trucks and forklifts during their loading and unloading processes through entrance doors.  

In bad weather, sectional entrance doors guarantee that no leakage or intruders will enter the space, providing ultimate protection to the facility. However, even when the doors are well-designed, issues still occur, leading to harsh consequences on the overall operations. This is where our door repair services come into play. Although these doors are prone to damage, they can quickly be repaired, enabling businesses to operate smoothly without lag through the doors. 

Universities, Schools, Colleges  

Educational institutions have various needs for installing overhead doors. Whether overhead doors are used for moving goods quickly or for security reasons, these types of doors must remain safe for students and staff alike. For that reason, our maintenance visits include a complete inspection so that your overhead doors are compliant with regulations. Our door services for universities, schools, and colleges can be scheduled during convenient times. We know how busy the doors of campuses can get. 

Warehouses and Distribution  

It is all about the speed and efficiency of doors in warehouses and distribution centres. A tiny glitch in their sectional doors systems can create massive losses, so it is critical to keep all doors in check. Even a broken overhead door can slow down your logistics process or even stall progress. Make sure to read about our door maintenance or repair services to see how we can work together for safer and more durable sectional doors.  



Hospital logistics are no different than those of warehouses, and regular maintenance visits for overhead doors can save lives. Prevention is the best medication. Besides, with the correct diagnostic, our team helps your facility avoid costly door restorations and replacements. These door repairs can only add extra burden to the hospitals fast-paced and hectic environment.  

Your emergency vehicles should be able to smoothly access the healthcare facilities, and doors should never be an obstacle. We guarantee high-quality doors for hospitals, ensuring that your insurance policy regarding your overhead doors is always valid. Health facilities are the most critical industry when it comes to sectional doors. 


Sectional Overhead Door Upgrades  

Your old sectional door might need a little push to function normally again, so count on us to upgrade your roller shutter doors. We will prioritise what needs to be fixed to enhance the speed and efficiency of your sectional doors. These doors may need part replacements or a quick renovation to get them back on track. Your facilities deserve high-quality sectional entrance doors that will boost productivity. 


Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors  

Industrial doors play a crucial part in the facilities’ productivity; one malfunctioning sectional door will disrupt operations in and out of the facility. Roller shutter doors are prone to failure and can damage mobile assets such as HGVs or forklifts, and these heavy doors can even hurt the employees. You can be held liable for the damages that your sectional doors cause, but this is not an option when working with us. Thats why we recommend regular checkups for your doors, but in case of failure of any overhead door, we still got you covered.  

When we rush towards you for a door failure emergency, we might not achieve a first-time fix. However, we understand that stopping operations because of just one sectional door is not acceptable. Our experienced team will set a temporary adjustment for your sectional door and turn everything back to normal. Then, we schedule another visit for a proper fix of your sectional entrance door. Before you know it, your damaged sectional overhead door will be back to normal. 


Why Choose Us for Sectional Overhead Doors?  

When you entrust us with your invaluable doors, we will support you 24/7, even on public holidays. Yes, you read that right! Even better, we will be able to tend to your doors no matter where you are since we have nationwide coverage. When a sectional overhead door is damaged, call us promptly, and well get to you in a maximum of four hours. No door should keep a whole facility waiting. 

We have many decades of experience in sectional overhead doors under our belt. You only need to check our customer testimonials to judge how we fare in door repairs. Weve proudly worked on countless roller shutter doors throughout our impressive history of door maintenance and repair. You can count on our door experts to design a long-term plan for the maintenance of your sectional doors. 

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In case you have any concerns regarding the regulations of your overhead doors, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. You can alternatively scroll through the DHF website today to check our services for your doors. 

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