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Quality sectional overhead doors are synonymous with BGS. If youre an Ashford resident looking for all-inclusive servicing for your sectional doors, we have got you covered. We have been in the industry for decades, perfecting the art of servicing every kind of door on the market. Our experience has forged us into experts on various door models, so your needs are definitely within our repertoire. Whatever your requirements, we will be there every step of the way.  


Looking for a full-on installation? Our team would be happy to affix your doors to your main structure. Or if its just a simple matter of maintenance and repair, well provide you with a full-service package to retain your doors’ functionality and keep them in prime condition. Our certified professionals can handle whatever task you throw at them, so place your trust in the company that can do it all. Give us a call on 08009178583. 

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Quality Services for Sectional Overhead Doors in Ashford

In Ashford, youd be hard-pressed to find a company as specialised in sectional door repairs as we are. We have decades of experience to back up our claims, so you can rest assured that youre getting a quality service with no hassle involved. We pride ourselves on making our knowledge and expertise as accessible as we can, with strategically located branches of BGS all around the UK.  

This ensures that our clients can reach us whenever they feel the need to, without the hindrance of geographical distance. You can rely on us no matter the place, day, or time. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year, even on public holidays! Whenever you face a door mishap, you can phone us and deal with the issue in a timely manner.  

What Are Sectional Overhead Doors Used For?

Sectional doors are a mainstay of most industrial setups, and for good reason, too. Theyre loved for being a convenient and easily accessible entry point, especially in premises where transport vehicles and ware transfer can hinder mobility. The sectional overhead door plays a unique role here: instead of swinging outward, it saves valuable working space by rolling upwards.  

This vertical mode of operation makes it highly convenient, facilitating otherwise physically constraining workflows. This is exactly why most manufacturing and industrial enterprises opt for such doors. Because of their versatility and material resistance, other premises have begun adopting them. As a commercial property, you would love the customisable aesthetics of sectional doors, to add a polished finish to your business’ exterior.  

Universities also prefer the use of these doors for safety purposes; they separate buildings and inhibit the spread of fire from one building to another, allowing the fire to be kept under control. Even your residential property can benefit; their insulating properties help regulate your sectional interior, and they also provide added security against trespassers. 

So whats the catch? Sectional doors have to be serviced routinely to ensure that they are compliant with the latest safety regulations, as any malfunction can pose a serious risk to your circulating employees. With proper maintenance, however, these doors will serve you faithfully for years to come, with their contemporary finish and convenient functionality. 

About Our Sectional Overhead Doors Service

Sectional doors are coveted for their high levels of durability, but that does not mean that they are immune to the effects of time and use. With accumulating wear and tear, it is vital that you service your roller shutter doors routinely to ensure that they are functioning as they should. Our team at BGS aims for just that, as they deliver comprehensive maintenance services to keep your doors in impeccable shape. 

Our service packages include all the elements to a functioning door: force tests, part substitution or upgrades, localised repairs, and minor modifications. Our experts will throw in their experience and advice for a inclusive, top-of-the-line service package. During the scheduled inspection visit, our industry-approved specialist will note any special recommendations from your doors manufacturer, daily usage, and other small details, to give you a individualised service package.  

We dont believe in generic solutions at BGS, because we know that different companies use their doors in different ways. After the visit is complete, and the details entered into a Yellow Door Wallet, you can follow up on your doors by scheduling several visits over the course of the year. Our engineers can visit whenever it is most convenient for you and your schedule, giving you much-needed flexibility. 

With this being said, regular inspection can spare you the trouble of expensive repairs later on in the future. Not to mention that it is in fact legally mandated to maintain your roller shutter doors in peak condition, to avoid injuries or liabilities further down the line. That way, you keep your employees safe, your productivity flowing, and your insurance premium intact. No need to worry about legal action when you have our team inspecting your doors from A to Z.  

Our team knows that door mishaps can happen at the most unpredictable of times, with the culprit usually being HGVs or forklift impact. Door damage can accumulate slowly until you find yourself with a broken chain, or sometimes even a complete breakdown. This is where our emergency services come into play.  

In just 4 hours, our team can be on-site armed with all the tools or parts you may need, to get to the bottom of the issue and resume your workflow. With a fleet of vans-turned-workshops at our beck and call, one visit is all thats needed to repair your roller shutter doors and minimise your business’ downtime. 

Other Services BGS Offer

Check out some of the other services we offer, be it roller shutter doors or otherwise! We cater to specialised doors, but also work with gating, lifts, and public space barriers. Gates and grille structures are another major area we tackle, followed by traffic barriers, electric gating, and exit lanes.  

Our services are one of the most expansive in the region, accommodating every client no matter what their requirements may be. Regardless of what youre looking for, its highly likely that its already part of our extensive catalogue. 


Contact the Sectional Overhead Doors Ashford Specialists

Ashford residents can rejoice now that BGS is here to tackle any project on sectional doors, be it big or small. Our professionals do not differentiate between projects regardless of complexity or size, because we know that every detail counts. Contact us on 08009178583 with your vision, so you can get started on equipping your premises with a door customised to your exact specifications.  

Place a call now, and schedule a free on-site visit from one of our specialists. They would be more than happy to provide you with an estimate of your desired project, for no charge at all! You can also send an email, or go the extra mile and fill in our contact form with your information. We give you the chance to elaborate on your exact needs to ensure that the final project lives up to your every expectation. Recruit our specialists now for an undoubtedly satisfactory service! 

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