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Bath residents no longer have to worry about seeking out quality door services. BGS are strategically located near you so they can reach your door in no time and attend to all your door needs. We cover full installations should you be thinking of adding a new door to your premises. We also take the lead on maintenance and repair for existing doors so that you can keep them in prime condition for many years to come.  

All this exists within our extensive repertoire, so you can rest assured that specialised professionals will be tackling your project from start to finish. We ensure that your doors carry out their functional purposes as detailed by the manufacturer and revamp their exteriors for a quality finish. Whatever the case may be with your sectional overhead doors, Bath clients, you can count on BGS to get them in excellent shape. 

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High Quality Sectional Overhead Doors in Bath

BGS is proud to provide one of the leading services for sectional overhead door in Bath. Even though we service every make and model on the market, overhead doors are one of our specialities.  We ensure that your doors comply with current workplace regulations put in place by the government. How? By providing routine servicing, maintenance checks, and repairs to doors in the Bath region.  

Taking this proactive approach to checking your doors can spare you pricey repairs in the future, should your door take a direct hit. Forklifts are usually the ones to blame for such costly damage, but it can also come down to jammed wires or frayed cables. 

Even though these doors are renowned for their durability and resistance to elemental duress, they can fall prey to the everyday wear and tear that comes with passing time and repeated usage. For this reason, we provide a comprehensive preventative servicing solution to ensure that you get the most out of your doors for as long as you can. We have a team of engineers awaiting your call, who can show up on-site in just a few hours and thoroughly examine your doors.  

The devil is in the details, as they say: our engineers take into account commonly overlooked specifics, such as manufacturer recommendations, door usage, and potential problems that may occur. This valuable information is then shaped into a cohesive servicing plan individualised to your door. This includes force testing, upgrading of parts, part substitutions, small modifications, and professional engineering advice. You can then schedule a number of visits throughout the year to remain up to date on your door’s requirements. The details of every visit will be placed in a Yellow Door Wallet for insurance reasons. 

In case you do experience a malfunction, however, like a broken chain or a faulty sliding track, we have got you covered. Not to mention that we show up on-site for complete door breakdowns. These scenarios can be dire for your equipment’s lifetime, work productivity, and employee safety. The final one is particularly serious, as workplace injuries due to faulty doors can leave you liable to legal action. This can also render your insurance policy void.  

Keep in mind that routine maintenance is in fact legally mandated by the government, so it is in your best interest to regularly follow up on your doors’ conditions. In brief, you can avoid significant costs and trouble by making certain that your doors are properly serviced, which is where we come into the picture. Our emergency protocol is designed to run 24/7, no matter where you are in the UK. Because door breakdowns are time-sensitive situations, we can be on the premises within four hours of receiving your emergency call. Ideally, we would repair the door in one sitting, using our stocked vans for any tools or spare parts needed for the fix. Our aim is to spare you future visits, costs, and time. However, should you need it, we can always schedule a secondary appointment to get your doors up and running once again.  

Our clients can reach us at all hours of the day and night, 365 days a year. And yes, this also includes public holidays! We will never abandon you when you need us most, so feel free to call our team whenever you need to, regardless of where in the UK you reside. Our Bath clients are not the only ones to reap the benefits of our services. We have depots all over the country equipped with every door necessity you can think of, so extensive distances are never a concern. Be it prevention or constructive intervention, BGS can make it happen. 

What are Sectional Overhead Doors?

These are also known as the up-and-over door, which come very close to the classic sectional overhead door usually seen in residential exteriors. Though they operate very similarly, what makes overhead doors so unique is that they move vertically, meaning that they do not swing outwards as usual doors do. The panels that constitute the door slide along the built-in track to smoothly manoeuver up and down.  

This means that any vehicles parked in front of the door are no obstacle. There is no pesky need to move your car around every time you want to open the door and gain access to the connected room. This comes in especially useful in an industrial or commercial setting, where there is usually a concentrated bustle right outside the door. This includes a lot of automobile traffic and high flow of workers moving in and out of the premises. In this scenario, installing a door that swings outwards is a lot more trouble than its worth, seeing as how operations have to be shifted around often to allow access to the building. This is where overhead doors come in and save the day.  

Their vertical form of movement economises on space and ensures that workflows are running smoothly with no delay or hindrance. They are especially suited to industrial premises (factories, distributors, warehouses, etc.) where there is a high rate of traffic entering and leaving the premises around the clock. Overall, these doors are very time and energy-effective, saving their owners a whole lot of hassle and reducing the amount of ergonomic downtime. 

Insulation is another feature that sets overhead doors apart from other models on the market. In addition to the panels that make up the bulk of the structure lie insulation panels. This customisable property allows clients to order thicker panels for increased insulation, which can come in very handy in a variety of ways. Individuals living in colder regions can request this feature, in addition to warehouse owners with very specific temperature requirements for their wares.  

Whatever the case may be, the insulating properties of overhead doors are very valuable. If you opt for the standard panel thickness, you can achieve an impressive level of insulation with no further modifications. However, if you need tighter margins of temperature control, the doors can be fitted with extra insulation for sub-zero temperatures. This is ideal for food distributors, agricultural companies, or basically any product with a limited shelf life. Not only do you gain the benefit of insulation with such doors, but you also receive impressive noise control. Soundproofing is a pleasant by-product of the panelling, reducing noise levels both inside and outside the overhead doors. 

Where Can Sectional Overhead Doors Be Used?

Industrial businesses and commercial premises are biased towards these doors for their vertical mode of operation which is space-saving and energy-effective. Workflow processes are interrupted dramatically less than if they were to use the classic outward-swinging door. Residential homes also make use of overhead doors in place of typical sectional overhead doors for this same reason. There is also the added benefit of insulation, allowing home-owners to move around in their sectional overhead doors regardless of external temperatures.  

Perhaps the most important feature any one would look for in a door is security, and these doors do not disappoint in that field. They provide any premises with impressive levels of safety, owing to the fact that they cannot be accessed forcefully without producing a lot of noise. This naturally alerts owners to any intruders trespassing on their property. Moreover, universities and schools install overhead doors for fire safety. Forming impressive barriers, these doors do not allow fires or smoke to spread from one building to another, thereby maintaining student safety. 

Other Services We Offer 

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Don’t miss out on quality door services in Bath now that you have gotten to know a little bit more about BGSYour doors deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, so that they can deliver their best and serve out their purpose effectively. This can only happen with proper maintenance and care. You can trust our professionals to get the job done and take proper care of your doors, guaranteeing that you get many more years out of their lifespan. You can also save yourself the extra costs of future repairs.  

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