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Ways to Keep Your Traffic Barriers Functioning in Extreme Weather

Ways to Keep Your Traffic Barriers Functioning in Extreme Weather

As it gets closer to winter, all business owners will begin the process that starts every year with the onset of colder and more extreme weather; protecting their traffic barriers.

These are vital pieces of equipment that can often be overlooked, but it is essential that they are kept working throughout the long winter months. Damaged or malfunctioning barriers can cause disruption to your business, costly repairs, and a loss of earnings.

So, how do you keep your traffic barriers functioning in extreme weather? You might think the solution is difficult, but it is actually very simple, and you can find out more about this below.

Are Traffic Barriers Affected by Extreme Weather?

As with all types of industrial entrance, your traffic barriers can be affected by extreme weather and a drop in temperature. The mechanism behind the operation of your traffic barriers can be impacted by the cold temperatures and wet weather, which can lead to frozen components and a decrease in their functionality.

When this occurs, your traffic barriers will be harder to open and close smoothly, which can lead to disruptions in the flow of traffic into and out of your property. Plus, any electrical components in your traffic barriers which allow remote access can be impacted by extreme weather unless they are protected.

How Can You Look After Your Traffic Barriers Throughout Winter?

With a drop in temperature and extreme weather conditions being detrimental to the health of your traffic barriers, it is essential that you find ways to keep your traffic barriers functioning throughout these winter months.

The best way to do this is to invest in regular maintenance services from our team at BGS. While traffic barriers are designed and manufactured to be robust and strong, investing in the care and maintenance of these barriers is the best way to ensure they remain functional in extreme weather.

Here at BGS, we offer bespoke maintenance plans for our clients, and the frequency of visits is dependent on your specific requirements and the use of your barriers. During the winter months, we can increase the frequency of these maintenance visits, ensuring your traffic barriers are being thoroughly inspected regularly.

24hr door repair services

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