Winter Is Coming

It is imperative for businesses up and down the UK to be prepared for when winter rolls around. By avoiding crucial maintenance checks, you are leaving yourself open to potential loss of revenue and productivity. Costs are likely to rise, but BGS can help you avoid this.

We have a team of engineers that can help you plan ahead to avoid an impact on your business operation.

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Are Your Doors

All industrial and commercial doors and shutters need to comply with safety regulations, otherwise you could be penalised. Here at BGS, we provide maintenance packages that are tailored to you. We will conduct safety checks and ensure that every component of your system is in strong working order. If any minor adjustments are required, our team will complete them on site.

Undergoing regular maintenance inspections is essential in order to protect the health and safety of staff. In addition to this, having regularly maintained doors is important for business insurance purposes. If you require a bespoke package, get in touch with our team today.

Protect Your
Business From

  • Lost Revenue
  • Hassle
  • Productivity Loss
  • Frustrated Staff
  • Additional Cost
  • Avoidable Cost
  • Time Is Money
  • Plan Ahead To Avoid Business Impact

The HSi (95) – Our Solution to Protecting Your Property This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, so it’s important that you upgrade your commercial or industrial property now with a set of insulated doors built to keep out the cold. At BGS, we’re proud to supply and install the HSi (95) option – arguably the finest door money can buy. The HSi (95) combines excellent levels of security with rapid-fast action, a reduction in noise pollution, decreased environmental impact, and other benefits which include:

  • Protection Against Strong Winds
  • Reduced Heat Loss
  • Greater Operating Efficiency
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Increased Productivity

The HSi (95) translates to better economics. Why? Simple – unlike traditional setups which require a PVC door and a separate security door, the HSi (95) combines security and performance into one package. And unlike PVC doors, these doors can be used in strong winds without incurring any damage. It’s reliable, safer, and stronger, even more so than sectional doors.

We use a 95mm foam filled lath to construct the HSi (95) option. As for customisation, these doors are available in polyester powder coat in any standard RAL colour. Alternatively, you can opt for any of our range of Leathergrain Plastisol finishes. These doors can operate at 500mm/sec and come with various activation options to suit your requirements. The HSi (95) offers the benefits of a cleaner environment, increased profits, and reduced labour time, making it a sound investment this winter.

High Speed Doors | BGS
High Quality Doors

Call today to discuss your options, and if you feel that upgrading to a high-speed door is beneficial, we can replace your current system and install a new one.

Upgrade to High Speed?

For many businesses, high-speed doors are much more beneficial as they allow for a steady and frequent flow of traffic on your site.

By upgrading to these high-performance systems, your security will automatically be enhanced. Due to the swift open and close function of these doors, you reduce the risks of individuals entering unauthorised areas.

They also contain tight seals, are wind resistant, and incredibly durable, which increases energy efficiency. The safety of your staff is also enhanced and they are easy to clean and maintain.

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Time to Go Electric?

For years, companies operated their industrial and commercial doors and shutters manually. However, technological advancements and regulation changes have caused many to upgrade their systems to electric. Does your site still have manual doors? Well, our team of engineers can replace them with ones that operate electrically.

There are many benefits to upgrading your systems, including an increase in productivity and safety. You will experience an increase in security with electrically-operated doors and you will save money in the long run. Give our experts a call today and we can install a wide range of electric systems on your site.

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Automatic Entrance Doors Cornwall

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We Can Fix Jammed Doors

If any of your warehouse doors and shutters are jammed or the entrance systems in your commercial building have stopped working, we can help

At any time of year, a jammed door can cause detriment to the daily running of your business. However, this impact is worsened during the winter months.

If a roller shutter is jammed, cold air will be entering your facility, which will cause discomfort to your staff and could affect productivity. Also, if you store products in your facility, letting in cold air and winter weather may compromise their quality.

In some cases, spraying lubricant, such as WD-40, will loosen up the mechanisms of your door and free the jam. However, in more severe cases, you should give our team a call. We have highly skilled engineers that will be on your site within 4 hours of your call to fix the issue.

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Do You Have the
Correct Seals?

Seals are essential components all-year round, but during the winter months they become that much more imperative. Clip on brush seals are highly effective and our team at BGS provide top quality options to keep your roller shutter and door guide channels tightly sealed. The main purpose of these seals is to keep out draughts, which is hugely beneficial for your staff and the products stored in your facility.

They also eliminate door vibration and are designed to be long-lasting. The beauty of these seals is that they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit specific doors and shutters. This means that we will be able to fit a clip on brush seal that is ideally suited for your structure. To arrange a visit from a member of our team, give us a call today!

24hr door repair services

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By enlisting the expertise of our engineers, we will be able to prepare your industrial and commercial doors and shutters for the winter months.