Aberdeen Automatic Vehicle Restraint

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What is an Automatic Vehicle Restraint?

Calematic wheel locks, also known as automatic vehicle restraints, are innovative and efficient solutions designed to enhance the safety and security of commercial properties and construction sites. These intelligent systems are specifically engineered to automatically secure vehicles and prevent unauthorised access or movement.

Operating on a robust hydraulic mechanism, calematic wheel locks can immobilise vehicles by firmly engaging with their wheels. Once activated, the wheel locks engage with the tires, preventing forward or backward motion. This ensures that vehicles remain securely parked or stationed in designated areas, minimising the risk of accidents, theft, or unauthorised use.

Calematic wheel locks are widely used in various settings, including:

  • Loading Bays
  • Distribution Centres
  • High-Security Areas

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They offer a reliable and convenient solution for managing vehicle traffic and improving site safety. These advanced restraints are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions, providing long-lasting durability and dependable performance.

At BGS, we specialise in intelligent door solutions tailored to your requirements, including calematic wheel locks. Our trained and qualified engineers can assess your needs and provide a customised solution that ensures maximum security and peace of mind.

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Looking for Automatic Vehicle Restraint in Aberdeen?

Investing in calematic wheel locks, also known as automatic vehicle restraints, is a wise decision that can bring numerous benefits to your commercial property, construction site, or any area where vehicle security is paramount.

First and foremost, calematic wheel locks provide an unparalleled level of security. By automatically immobilising vehicles, they prevent unauthorised access, theft, and unauthorised movement, ensuring that only authorised personnel can operate or remove vehicles from designated areas. This significantly reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, and accidents, safeguarding property and personnel.

Furthermore, automatic vehicle restraints offer convenience and ease of use. Their automated functionality eliminates the need for manual intervention or monitoring, saving time and resources. Vehicles can be quickly and securely parked or stationed without the hassle of traditional locking mechanisms or physical vehicle barriers.

Investing in calematic wheel locks also demonstrates your commitment to safety and compliance. These restraints meet stringent safety standards and regulations, helping you maintain a secure and compliant environment. They provide peace of mind to employees, customers, and stakeholders, showcasing your dedication to their well-being.

The Best Automatic Vehicle Restraint Aberdeen has to Offer

Our automatic vehicle restraint systems at BGS are the best choice for ensuring optimal safety and efficiency during loading and unloading operations. Let’s explore why our systems excel in securing trucks and protecting forklift drivers.

Our system springs into action when a truck arrives at a delivery site’s yard and reverses up to the loading door. The delivery worker opens the loading door, triggering a sensor at the base. This, in turn, raises our Calematic Wheel Chocks—a set of galvanised steel blocks raised by air cylinders. These chocks firmly prevent the truck’s wheels from moving, ensuring stability and safety.

We have implemented a red and green traffic light system inside and outside the loading station to enhance communication between the driver and forklift operator. This feature eliminates any potential issues that may have arisen in the past.

In addition to improving safety, our systems also facilitate smooth operations. Once the delivery worker has completed their tasks, they close the loading door, which triggers the sensor to lower the chocks, allowing the truck driver to exit the yard seamlessly.

Our systems go beyond securing trucks. They also safeguard forklift drivers by keeping the trailer steady, eliminating the risk of accidents during loading and unloading. The chocks, weighing 80kg each and made from galvanised steel, are connected to individual air cylinders, ensuring reliable performance.

Aberdeen Automatic Vehicle Restraint

We provide a comprehensive solution that includes reinforced concrete pits with universal drainage holes and space for 11 chocks. These pits are covered by easily removable “half covers” made of steel, facilitating maintenance and customisation.

The ChockBox, our electric control panel located inside the loading bay, streamlines the entire process. While it contains a manual override option, we highly recommend an automatic operation for optimal efficiency and safety.

Our Series of Automatic Vehicle Restraint in Aberdeen

We offer two options for our automatic vehicle restraint systems: Double Chocks and Simple Chocks, each with its own advantages and considerations.

Double Chocks are installed staggered, 40cm apart, at 20cm intervals. This configuration is recommended for new sites and logistics platforms. The key advantage of Double Chocks is their reliability. Additionally, they help reduce civil engineering costs as only one pit is needed. However, it’s important to note that Double Chocks require a wheel guide, resulting in a larger docking area.

On the other hand, Simple Chocks are singular block formats installed in two pits at 20cm intervals. This setup caters to a mixed size of lorries. We offer three versions of Simple Chocks:

  • Two Lines of 5 Chocks (popular for 3-wheeled trailers)
  • Two Lines of 6 Chocks (for bigger lorries)
  • One Line of 8 Chocks (specifically for tri-axle trailers but not compatible with single axle lorries)

The advantages of Simple Chocks include reliability and customisability, as extra chocks can be added or removed as desired.

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The Top Automatic Vehicle Restraint in Aberdeen

Our automatic vehicle restraint systems offer several key advantages, making them ideal for car parks, access control, traffic management, and gate operations. Integrated into the ground, these systems ensure that the yard remains flat, enhancing safety for workers and providing easier manoeuvrability for drivers.

Furthermore, our systems add value to properties by providing a reliable and efficient solution. Unlike traditional Rite-Hite chocks, our wheel chocks do not damage mudguards, petrol tanks, water tanks, or other hanging parts of lorries, ensuring the integrity of vehicles.

Our concrete pits are universal and can be customised to suit clients’ needs. They are designed to work seamlessly in extreme temperatures, offering reliable performance in any environment.

By prioritising worker safety, our automatic vehicle restraint systems reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. With fewer components and extremely low maintenance requirements, our systems provide long-lasting reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operations and peace of mind for our customers.

Why Choose Us for Automatic Vehicle Restraint in Aberdeen

When choosing a provider for your barrier, car park, and security needs, our company stands out as the clear choice. We offer comprehensive products and services, including automatic barriers, gates, and security barriers. Our solutions are designed to enhance the safety and security of your premises.

By opting for our automatic vehicle restraints, you benefit from advanced technology that ensures efficient access control and smooth traffic management. We prioritise the highest security standards, offering robust solutions that protect your property and assets.

Aberdeen Automatic Vehicle Restraint

Our expertise in security barriers further strengthens your security infrastructure, providing protection against unauthorised access and potential threats. With our integrated approach and years of experience, we are committed to delivering the most effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Choose us as your trusted partner, and let our competitive prices, quality products, and dedicated team ensure the utmost security and peace of mind for your premises.

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