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Having fully functioning automatic entrance doors is essential for the smooth running of many businesses. If an issue should occur, it can be detrimental to daily operations and cause severe disruption. It is for this reason that it is essential to have a contractor, such as us at BGS, available for regular maintenance work.

We are proud to offer competent maintenance servicing for automatic entrance doors and are also available to carry out thorough repairs when necessary. Our twenty-four hour availability, as well as our depots around the country, mean that we can easily access all clients who are in need.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, enlist the expertise of BGS by calling us on 08009178583.

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The Importance of Keeping
your Automatic Entrance Doors Maintained

Being able to move through your property quickly is a necessity, which is why many companies opt for automatic entrance doors. Not only do such entranceways look sleek and stylish, they also make getting in and out of your building a breeze. The hands-free nature of these doors allows customers easy access to your business, and also means employees can transfer goods smoothly.

These doors are most commonly found in buildings where there is a high influx of people as they help to reduce congestion. You can, therefore, find them in hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, and other similar environments.

Due to the importance of these doors, it is essential that they are regularly maintained.

Without maintenance, automatic doors will wear over time, which could result in a sudden breakdown. Not only would this be disruptive to your daily business, it could also lead to costly repairs being required. At BGS, we have the skill needed to maintain automatic entrance doors sufficiently so that they continue to perform optimally.

Relevant Industries

We work on:

  • Shopping Centres + Other Retail Outlets
  • Business – Business Parks/ Centres, Commercial Centres, Office
  • Entertainment Venues
  • And more
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It’s a legal requirement to have your automatic entrance doors regularly serviced. BGS has many affordable service packages available, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quote.

Reliable Maintenance and Repair Work

Broken drive chain?
Manually operated spring failure?
A full-on crash?

When our team arrive at your site, they will assess the state of your doors to see if any maintenance needs to be carried out. If we identify any issues, we will get to work immediately and put our mobile workshop to good use. We aim to not only fix any current problems with your door but also future proof it from any potential damage going forward.

If your door has already broken-down, we can be at your site within four hours to carry out the required repair work. We work with speed and efficiency on all automatic entrance doors to minimise disruption to your business. You can rely on our team to provide a lasting fix that not only gets your door back up and running but improves its performance.

Why come to BGS for Door Maintenance

We have been operating throughout the country for many years, and over time have built up an excellent reputation. Our team have had plenty of experience working on automatic entrance doors in the past, so they are confident in being able to solve any issues you encounter. Thanks to our excellent customer service, we’ve become one of the most reputable door maintenance contractors in the county.

There are many reasons why our services are held in such high regard by so many. Whenever you choose our team you can expect them to deliver:

  • Quick Repairs
  • Expert Advice
  • Long-Term Fixes
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • And More!
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Automatic Door Maintenance

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