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At BGS, we have been installing, servicing, maintaining, and repairing doors and shutters for over 30 years.

Through the dedication of our skilled team, we’ve grown to success over the years, becoming the first-choice contractor for clients throughout the UK. We offer a diverse range of career opportunities, supporting staff as they improve and develop along with the company. Read on to learn about working for BGS and why now is an exciting time to join the team!

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24hr door repair services

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Our organisation is made up of many different departments, the success of each being crucial to our daily operations. No matter your skills or interests, you’re sure to find a role with us that is both stimulating and rewarding.

We have a wide range of vacancies in all areas for the following positions:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Surveyors
  • Auto Door Engineers with EN16005 Accreditation
  • Multi Skilled Engineers with Mechanical and Electrical Experience
  • Industrial Door Engineers

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24hr door repair services

Why Should You Choose BGS?

We at BGS pride ourselves on being an organisation that keeps a hold of skilled staff for many years. We believe that our positive working environments and rewarding roles are partly why employees stay with us for so long.

Working as part of our team comes with many benefits, the most notable being thorough, in-house training, which can pave the way for further qualifications that will lead you along a clear career path. Growing into your new role will help you to move up the ladder and take on important responsibilities.

We take care of our staff in every sense, offering competitive salaries, room for career progression, and health and well-being support. Those who join our team become part of an esteemed organisation that offers invaluable services to clients throughout the UK.

What We Offer

Competitive Salaries

Professional Development

Diverse & Inclusive Culture

Work-Life Balance

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Collaborative Team Environment

Advancement Opportunities

Employee Recognition

The Annual Engineers Conference  2023

Last year, the BGS team once again embarked on their annual Engineers Conferences tour. As the company serves the whole of the UK, engineers are based out of a vast network of depots spanning across England, Scotland, and Wales. The annual conferences consequently tour through different cities, taking the programme to our local teams throughout the year.

BGS Vans Engineers Conference

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For 2023’s tour, BGS re-energised the whole conference, making it the most engaging and interactive programme delivered, which also included the new addition of its own marketplace. The programme looked at safety topics, updates on projects, and progress in the company, as well as featured workshops to share ideas.

As part of the conference day programme, BGS brought on the DHF as a partner to deliver a set of workshops and group activities concentrating on protecting people, the number one company value in BGS. The workshops focused on emphasising residual risk assessment, product safety, engineer safety and, ultimately, customer safety. Having the DHF on board to deliver these workshops brought a strong reminder and added a layer of importance to the safety mindset in BGS.

Waqar Sheikh of BGS says, “We are passionate about moving BGS forward, and the conferences provide a dedicated platform for teams to learn about new initiatives and projects, giving them the opportunity to engage and have their say for the future and direction of the company. It’s extremely important to us that our conferences are focused on listening to our teams, who have an amazing wealth of experience and knowledge.”

RCS Doors, business partners to BGS, also joined the tour, engaging with the engineer teams and sharing their developments and knowledge whilst also absorbing first-hand feedback from the teams about their products.

What Our Staff Say…

We’re dedicated to providing a welcoming and productive environment for all employees, ensuring that they are motivated, comfortable, and always improving. But don’t just take our word for it; read what some of our team members have to say about working for us! We’ve received plenty of positive feedback from satisfied staff who are proud to work for BGS and have had ample opportunity to advance their careers over the years, growing with the company.

It’s essential to us that the organisation is always learning and improving for the benefit of both clients and staff. We take employee feedback seriously and work hard to make positive changes where possible. There are clear and accessible processes in place to ensure staff wellbeing and happiness. By supporting the development of each and every team member, we enhance the company as a whole and cultivate a pleasant and professional workplace for everyone.

Door Repair Services

Thanks to the BGS team that attended on the 17th October to fix the North revolving door. The new plan that they came up with saved a lot of time & money and the door is working perfectly now. Thanks very much.


Thanks to the BGS team that attended on the 17th October to fix the North revolving door. The new plan that they came up with saved a lot of time & money and the door is working perfectly now. Thanks very much.


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