What Do We Need to Do to Get a Job Quotation?

No two requests are ever the same, so you shouldn’t have to pay the same as a person who’s received double the work. At BGS, we supply FREE, bespoke job quotations as part of every callout. If your doors are damaged, we’ll inspect them to determine the solution and time needed to complete the repairs. If your doors require their annual servicing, we’ll complete an initial inspection to determine the right plan for you.

And if your doors need replacing, we’ll take measurements and discuss all the available options with you. Our process is very quick, and we can supply you with a FREE, no-obligation quotation once we’re done.

How Do I Book an Engineer?

It’s super-easy to book an engineer and takes almost no time at all. Simply get in touch either by calling our main telephone number, displayed in the top-right of our homepage, or by contacting one of our local depots. You can find your nearest depot by clicking on our ‘Contact’ page. You can also get in touch by email, though for an immediate response, we recommend booking an engineer visit over the phone.

Which Product Provides the Highest Security?

At BGS, we supply a variety of options, including a few high-security variants. These doors are built to keep out intruders, keeping your property, contents, and employees safe and secure. High-speed doors are an excellent option as they open and close quickly, preventing anyone from nipping inside. Sectional overhead doors are another great choice. While they lack the speed of high-speed doors, they possess market-leading security features that keep out even determined thieves.

For personnel entry, steel hinged doors are designed to provide easy entry while making for a formidable barrier, keeping out thieves and vandals. If you would like to discuss your security requirements in more detail, we recommend contacting your nearest depot today.

What Is the Standard Installation Time?

The standard installation time can vary depending on the work being carried out. For instance, replacing a single steel hinged door might only take a day or two, depending on whether a new door needs to be specially fabricated. In contrast, a large industrial door could take a week or longer, including fabricating the new door.

Rest assured that we’ll always endeavour to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum to minimise the disruption caused.

Are Your Engineers Health and Safety Trained?

Yes – our engineers are all clear with safety, and all follow strict health and safety guidelines when working on any site, including our depots. The BGS team is accredited with CHAS, SMAS, and SafeContractor, among the many other accreditations we hold. Such endorsements serve to demonstrate our diligent compliance with health and safety.

Do BGS Supply Residential Doors?

If you are enquiring about residential doors, you will be delighted to hear that we are closely affiliated with several other companies, including The Garage Door Company. The Garage Door Company are one of the UK’s top suppliers of residential garage doors and boast a wide range of options, all fully customisable to suit your needs.

Do You Have Your Own Engineers, or Do You Sub-Contract Your Work Out to Other Companies?

All our engineers are employed by BGS and are thoroughly trained to a high standard. Our team possess an extensive knowledge of the industry, ensuring exemplary results every time: from installations to maintenance, repairs, and servicing.

What Are the Benefits of Having Doors Maintained Regularly by BGS?

There are numerous benefits of having your doors regularly maintained by BGS. These benefits include:

  • Reduced Risk of Injury
  • Increased Lifespan of the Doors
  • Reduced Costs
  • Ensures Compliance with Safety Regulations
  • Increased Performance
  • Prolonged Uptime

Reduced risk of injury means your employees are protected, as are you, from liability. Compliance with safety regulations is a legal requirement and is also necessary to satisfy insurance criteria. With routine maintenance, your door’s lifespan will lengthen, and the need for costly repairs is greatly reduced. Your doors will fail far less often and work far more efficiently, meaning the internal environment is consistently maintained.

What Is Checked and Included in The Maintenance Contract?

No two callouts are necessarily the same. Every door differs slightly, and so we treat every door differently. We always take into account any legislation, the door’s age and usage, key components integral to the operational safety of the door, etc. For this reason, maintenance contracts will vary from one customer to the next.

When you take advantage of our maintenance contract, you can expect a member of our skilled team to make regular visits to your site to inspect your doors, gates, and barriers. The purpose of this contract is to help identify problems early on so that they can be repaired before more severe damage develops. Through our maintenance contracts, you’ll save money in the long run and ensure your site remains in top condition.

If you have questions or would like to know more about our regular maintenance plans, please get in touch.

What Type of Equipment Do BGS Work On?

BGS work on all commercial and industrial entrances. We cover all door types, from automatic entrances to steel sectional and high-speed doors. We cover all manner of shutters, including fire shutters and roller shutters. We also work on traffic barriers, security grilles, gates, loading bay equipment, even bollards. If you’d like to see everything we work on, browse our website or get in touch with our team today.

Call BGS on 08009178583 to arrange a free site survey and estimation, today.

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