Calematic Wheel Chocks in North Lanarkshire

Calematic Wheel Chocks in North Lanarkshire

Are you looking for a company that installs calematic wheel chocks in North Lanarkshire? Here at BGS, we take great pride in supplying and installing the best vehicle restraint systems in the industry. And we offer calematic wheel chocks installation that’s second-to-none. Whether your site lacks a vehicle restraint system or the current one is no longer up to standard, you can count on us to furnish you with a new system tailored to your requirements. 

We don’t just handle the installation of calematic wheel chocks. North Lanarkshire customers can also come to us for repairs, maintenance, and servicing services. We can help maintain your wheel chocks in full working order, maximising their lifespan. And should anything go wrong, we can be there to put right any problem. We’re on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

If you would like to learn more about our calematic wheel chocks North Lanarkshire service, contact BGS today on 01414 655815. 

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Calematic Wheel Chocks Installation North Lanarkshire

Commercial properties, such as warehouses and supermarkets, are usually equipped with service docks. It’s here where vehicles unload and load goods and other items, with the lorry backing up to a service hatch so that the rear compartment is easily accessible. A vehicle restraint system is installed in the ground in the space where the vehicle parks. Its job is to stop the vehicle moving. 

Here at BGS, we supply and install the best calematic wheel chocks North Lanarkshire has to offer. This ingenious vehicle restraint system lies flush with the ground when retracted, so won’t create a trip hazard. When deployed, it wedges between the wheels or clamps them from either side, preventing any sudden movement. 

Calematic wheel chocks, North Lanarkshire customers, weigh around 80kg and are made from galvanised steel. They are attached to air cylinders, so there’s no oil to freeze. And because they fully retract, they are shielded from the elements, so require far less maintenance. 

While calematic wheel chocks won’t stop a vehicle from driving away, they provide enough resistance to stop accidental movements. And the inclusion of a traffic light system ensures that everyone knows when the chocks are retracted and when they are deployed. 

Why Use Calematic Wheel Chocks?

If you’re looking to improve site safety and comply with health and safety legislation, then you’ll want to invest in calematic wheel chocks installation. And if you’re considering other vehicle restraint systems, here’s a few reasons why you should invest in calematic wheel locks, North Lanarkshire customers: 

  • Chocks are Fully Retractable, So Won’t Stick Out While Not in Use 
  • No Need to Learn a New Process 
  • Prevents Damage to Petrol Tanks, Mud Guards, Water Tanks, etc. 
  • Fully Customisable 
  • Traffic Light System – Ensures Smooth Operation 
  • Operates in Extreme Temperatures 
  • Ensures Worker Safety 
  • Low Maintenance Requirements – Simple Design with Few Parts to Go Wrong 
  • Boosts the Property’s Market Value 

A Simple and Reliable System 

The beauty of calematic wheel chocks, North Lanarkshire customers is that they are a simple and reliable system. There are two options – simple and double chocks. 

Simple chocks are comprised of singular blocks in two pits at 20cm intervals. They can be customised with chocks added or taken away as needed, and they can support lorries of all sizes. Different configurations are available, such as two lines of five chocks, two lines of six chocks, or one line of eight chocks. 

The second type is double chocks. As the name implies, these are comprised of two smaller chocks that interlock to grip the wheels of the trailer from both sides, rather than wedging in between the wheels. The advantage of double chocks is that they are very reliable and decrease civil engineering costs. The trade-off, however, is that they require a wheel guide and a much larger docking area. 

Both options are attached to sensors and a traffic light system. When the service hatch opens, sensors trigger the chocks to engage and the light changes to signal this. When the service hatch is opened, the sensor triggers the chocks to release and the lights to change accordingly. This way, nobody can forget to activate/release the chocks, and nobody is unaware of the chock’s current status. 

Guaranteed Security 

One advantage that you get with calematic wheel chocks, North Lanarkshire customers, is guaranteed security. Not in the sense of preventing theft but rather in the sense of protecting you from liability. If a vehicle should suddenly shift, resulting in an injury because there’s no vehicle restraint system present, you could be held liable. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen and the safety of your employees and visitors, speak to BGS concerning calematic wheel chocks installation. 

Easy to Use 

As stated above, calematic wheel chocks, North Lanarkshire business owners, are very easy to use. Following calematic wheel chocks installation, you’ll be instructed how to use them, but they are very simple. You won’t need to learn a new process as the process is largely automated. 

A vehicle approaches and the sensor triggers the chocks to engage when the service hatch opens. Then the chocks disengage automatically when the service hatch is closed. 

Other Services 

Besides calematic wheel chocks, North Lanarkshire customers can also call on our calematic wheel chocks installation team for other services, too, including: 

Why Choose Us for Calematic Wheel Chocks in North Lanarkshire?

When it comes to sourcing the most reliable, well-built calematic wheel chocks North Lanarkshire has to offer, you won’t do better than BGS. We offer second-to-none calematic wheel chocks installations, repairs, servicing, and maintenance. 

Our calematic wheel chocks North Lanarkshire team consists of highly trained and experienced engineers. There isn’t a thing we don’t know about vehicle restraint systems, and we’ll leverage this knowledge to provide you with the best service possible. 

We operate out of fully stocked depots located across the country. The location of our depots means we can respond to any request in four hours or less. And our engineers drive vans that serve as mobile workshops. These have the trade-critical parts, components, equipment, and tools we need to affect first-time repairs. 

Lastly, as the top calematic wheel chocks North Lanarkshire specialists, we’re accredited by organisations, such as CHAS and SMAS.  

Such endorsements demonstrate our firm commitment to safe working practices and quality workmanship. It’s no wonder we’re considered the best company for calematic wheel chocks North Lanarkshire customers have seen. 

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So, if you’re looking to equip your property with calematic wheel chocks, North Lanarkshire customers need look no further than BGS. You won’t find a company with more experience or expertise than what we possess, which is why we’re widely recognised as the go-to company for commercial and industrial doors, shutters, gates, etc. 

Our engineers are always happy to talk shop, so should you have any questions about our calematic wheel chocks installation service, you need only ask. And if you require assistance with your calematic wheel chocks, North Lanarkshire customers can always call us for help. We repair, maintain, and service calematic wheel chocks, even those installed by other companies. 

To enquire about our installation, repair, service, or maintenance services, call our calematic wheel chocks North Lanarkshire specialists on 01414 655815. You can also get in touch using a written method. Drop us an email at [email protected], and we’ll reply as quickly as possible. 

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