The team at BGS is proud to be the first-choice roller shutter door experts for clients in Lincoln and beyond. Our staff understand how important it is for many business and site owners to have highly functional and easy-to-use roller shutter doors on their premises. With decades of valuable experience, we’re one of the UK’s most trusted roller shutter door specialists.

Reliability and durability are the two characteristics most commonly associated with roller shutter doors. However, like all industrial doors, these units can break down on occasion, bringing operations to a halt and potentially causing accidents. Responsible business owners should always look to have broken doors repaired promptly by experts such as ourselves.

When it comes to roller shutter doors, addressing problems promptly is always the smarter choice.

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Complete Roller Shutter Door Solutions

The aim of our roller shutter door servicing is to keep your doors functioning to a high standard for as long as possible. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians are capable of completing thorough inspections before making the necessary adjustments to your door. Our servicing solutions will allow you to have any developing roller shutter door issues dealt with before they can develop further.

We deliver proactive maintenance packages to local clients who want to keep their roller shutter doors in the best possible condition. Our team will schedule regular inspections and cleaning, alongside replacing any door components that are worn out. This work will reduce the chances of your roller shutter doors breaking down, helping to ensure that they function correctly for the foreseeable future.

When issues with roller shutter doors arise, our team can be there to have them resolved immediately. Our staff work with speed and efficiency when carrying out repair work, as they ensure that clients experience minimal disruption. Whether you require minor adjustments or major fixes, our team can restore your industrial doors to the best condition in no time, allowing you to resume normal operations.

We can install roller shutter doors to a high standard, ensuring optimal functionality for all clients. No matter the door model, our team will carry out a quick installation, complete with comprehensive testing. Our team have access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment that allow them to deliver swift and effective installation solutions for numerous industrial doors.

Our team can supply an impressive selection of high-quality roller shutter doors, all of which have been produced by industry-leading manufacturers. All of the roller shutter doors that we supply have been crafted using materials of the highest quality, ensuring that our clients make a lasting investment. We are happy to offer purchasing advice, helping you to make a suitable purchase.

You can change your manual roller shutter doors to electrically operated models through our automatic upgrade services. Automated roller shutter doors open and close quickly and are generally easier to use overall, so you’ll be investing in better solutions for your site. Switching to electrically operated doors will also ensure that you meet industry safety and regulatory standards.

Proudly Serving Lincoln and Surrounding Areas

We at BGS have been operating throughout Lincoln for over 30 years, delivering exceptional services to both local clients and those in the surrounding areas. Our team can also reach site owners who are based in Burton, Waddington, Skellingthorpe, and other locations in the Lincoln area. No matter where you’re based, you can depend on our team to provide a high standard of service.

We have depots strategically placed throughout the UK, which allows us to reach our clients in no time. Thanks to our well-stocked and readily available fleet, we can begin servicing work immediately upon arriving at your site, no matter your requirements.

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Certified Expertise

All of our staff have been thoroughly trained, so they are confident in being able to deliver first-class roller shutter door solutions to all clients. Thanks to our efforts, we’re endorsed by several esteemed industry bodies, all of which recognise the quality of our services and the professionalism of our staff. We’re proud to be certified by the likes of DHF, CHAS, and SafeContractor, well-respected organisations that fully accredit our industrial door solutions.

Safety First

Our team believes that safety comes first at all times on every project. We operate following the motto “Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe.”, which we apply to every area of our work. You can ensure that your roller shutter doors will be left in safe working condition when you choose us for installation, servicing, and maintenance solutions. Inspections, training, and adherence to the latest industry regulations all come under our safety umbrella.

Tailored Solutions

We realise that every client will have different requirements when it comes to roller shutter doors, whether it be the model they need to have supplied or the type of repair work to be completed. Our staff tailor their work to the needs of each client, making sure that the correct services are delivered and that they’re left wholly satisfied with our efforts. You will receive bespoke solutions that are quickly implemented, effective, and lasting.

Competitive Pricing

At BGS, we are committed to delivering exceptional roller shutter door services at an affordable price point. We tailor our services to the needs and budgetary constraints of each client, ensuring that they end up with expert solutions that don’t break the bank. The roller shutter doors that we deliver stand out on the market thanks to their durability and efficiency. Our competitive pricing model ensures that you get the best value for money on every project.


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We offer more than just premium roller shutter doors, as we also have an impressive selection of alternative industrial doors for sale.

Door Repair Services

Thanks to the BGS team that attended on the 17th October to fix the North revolving door. The new plan that they came up with saved a lot of time & money and the door is working perfectly now. Thanks very much.


Thanks to the BGS team that attended on the 17th October to fix the North revolving door. The new plan that they came up with saved a lot of time & money and the door is working perfectly now. Thanks very much.


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