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We’d like to welcome you to BGSs Services! We are a contracting company that specializes in overhead sectional doors and all that they require in terms of maintenance. We have developed a specialized plan for your sectional doors maintenance here in Blackpool. We believe your sectional doors should be a gateway to improved efficiency and logistics.  

We offer a wide scope of services and maintenance deals for your overhead sectional doors. BGSs Services offers a very competitive pricing plan that is the best you can get for sectional doors services here in Blackpool.  

Our team of seasoned professionals here at BGSs Services is committed to delivering the best customer-centred experience they can achieve. We promise to make your vision for your sectional doors our utmost goal. Sectional overhead doors are our speciality, and we have accumulated many years of expertise that enable us to know what our customers’ needs are. 

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Quality Sectional Overhead Doors in Blackpool

At BGS, our purpose is to guarantee that your sectional overhead doors never fail. We offer routine checkups, force tests, and even basic door repairs, and we take quality and safety very seriously in this industry. Many things could go wrong because of those doors, and it is our duty to keep them from hurting your business in any way. 

Our sectional doors services are guaranteed to be specifically tailored to all your domestic or commercial needs. Our services are well-rounded, from installation to maintenance, and our tasks include part development, replacements, and localized restoration for all your doors. We guarantee that you will save on expenses with us, in the long run, thanks to our maintenance. 

Our packages fit all your needs and apply to all kinds of budgets. Our aim is to keep your expenses low when it comes to your doors. Our engineers take into consideration the door manufacturer’s specification, the probability of a failure occurring, and legal requirements to make decisions regarding your doors. With this information, they advise you of the minimum number of visits required on an annual basis. 

We always make sure that our newcomers are well-versed and trained before they undertake any service, and all of our team needs to be aware of the health and safety status of your doors when they take the project. 

Our Sectional Overhead Doors Service

Always be prepared and proactive with continuous follow-ups on your facility’s assets, and that includes all your doors. With this mindset, precaution is the best policy, and it avoids costly consequences from happening. For instance, a failure can damage goods, hurt people, or stall operations, or even make you pay more for replacements. So, to avoid all that, we provide you with regular maintenance visits to guarantee that your doors never fail. 

Even if you want an installation, upgrade, or simply maintenance and repair, we are the team for the job in Blackpool. We have extensive experience with all types of failures like broken drive chain, spring failure, or even jammed electrical cables. 

What are Sectional Overhead Doors?

Sectional doors and more specifically sectional overhead doors are high doors that are placed overhead for maximal efficiency. They are designed to open upwards linearly and are meant to be installed parallel to walls or even directly under a ceiling.  

These overhead sectional doors possess the capacity for great practicality when it comes to industrial settings. They could be utilized wherever, including hospitals, distribution centres, retail facilities, and even educational facilities. The prime benefit of our sectional doors lies in their utility within an industrial setting, where they provide little to no disruption in the space of the facility.  

Sectional Overhead Doors Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading your sectional doors, we have got you covered. Maintaining an updated status for your sectional doors maintains their speed, efficiency, and utility. Speed is one crucial factor that plays a role in why sectional doors are efficient originally, so the constant upgrade of this factor is of great importance.  

Your productivity is why we do what we do, so we recommend you stay on top of your sectional door upgrade game. 

Where Can Sectional Overhead Doors Be Used? 

These sectional doors can be used in industries that don’t even look alike. For instance, it can be used at educational institutions, warehouses, hospitals, and industrial facilities or factories. For productivity to thrive, high-quality sectional doors are needed. Read on to find out more in-depth about each one. 

Usually, these doors are used to move goods in and out of premises at maximum speed and for security reasons to keep everybody safe. 

In fact, high efficiency and speed are vital in Warehouses and distribution centres, so it must be checked with a high frequency. Besides, hospitals need regular maintenance visits since any damage can add a burden to the hospital’s high alertness. 

Educational Institutions

Universities, schools, and colleges can get quite hectic. They need sectional overhead doors for many reasons, with efficiency and safety being priorities. The doors must be safe for both students and employees, so that’s why a complete inspection process is demanded at these premises. You can schedule the visits at your convenience since we know how busy campuses can get. 

 Warehouses and Distribution Centers 

The doors in Warehouses and distribution centres must be fast and efficient. One small issue in systems of the sectional doors can cause a huge loss, for that doors have to be checked occasionally. Because even a small broken overhead door can slow down the whole logistics process and stall advancement. Read more about the door preservation and repair services that we offer so we can make you a safer and more durable sectional door.


Just like a Warehouse, hospitals need occasional maintenance visits for overhead doors. By preventing the problems, we would be saving lives. Moreover, the right diagnosis from our door experts can make you pay for door restorations and replacements at a reasonable price. And door repair will add nothing but a burden to the hospital’s intense and restless environment. 

Doors should never have any issue because emergency vehicles should have smooth and easy accessibility to the hospital facilities. For that hospitals will get high-quality doors and the insurance you have for your doors is always valid. Health facilities are the most critical when it comes to industrial sectional doors. 

Benefits of Using a Sectional Overhead Door

By using our practical door, businesses have benefited in internal storage spaces for years. Also, these doors help forklifts and trucks have more room to load and unload by the entrance doors of the facility. 

Highly Secure 

The door is hard to open, sturdy, and seals the whole facility so you don’t have to worry about intruders. 


Stay assured that rain can never go in when the weather is bad.

Easy to Use 

They open vertically upwards and only need a button to operate. 

Highly Practical 

Moreover, our doors make employees more accessible to get in and out of the facility faster. 

What’s Included in Our Sectional Overhead Doors Service 

We provide installation, upgrade, maintenance and repair, 24/7 availability for your emergency calls. 


Your installation will be very simple and easygoing when working with our team of BGS professional door experts, who will also work at full speed to prevent any interruptions in your operations. The door will last long because our constituents and materials are of perfect quality. 

Maintenance and Repair 

We will meet you for discussion and creation of a yearly plan for the maintenance of your overhead door, so your doors will be completely safe. Our team will give you a suitable price for your doors according to the needs and services decided. BGS door experts will advise the best prices for your sectional overhead doors. 

 24 Emergency Hour Call Out 

We are available 24/7 plus holidays, and we will contact you within at most four hours in case you call for an emergency. We might not fix your issue from the first try when rushing to you after an emergency of door failure. 

Nonetheless, we know and understand that it is impermissible to interrupt and delay your process for one door. Our experts will try their best to bring back everything to normal with a temporal adaptation set. After that, a visit to repair your sectional door accurately will be scheduled.  

More than Just Doors

Other Door Services 

We offer the above services in Blackpool for other types of doors such as automatic entrance doors, fire shutters, folding shutter doors, high-speed doors, and more. 

Automatic Entrance Doors 

Automatic Entrance Doors welcome your visitors and guide traffic in an organised fashion. These irreplaceable doors need regular maintenance to ensure your premises stay as organised as possible. 

Folding Shutter Doors 

Like sectional doors, folding shutter doors are vital to daily operations thanks to their user-friendliness and the practicality they offer. However, with these benefits comes a setback. They are bound to fail since they’re used excessively. So, they need regular maintenance like the ones we provide. 

 High Speed Doors 

High-speed doors are an enhanced version of sectional doors, PVC fabric doors, or roller shutters. Their high speed is highly demanded for industrial purposes that are heavily reliant on efficiency. 

 More Than Just Doors 

In Blackpool, our services don’t stop at doors. We expanded our services to include gates and barriers, so carry on to discover more. 

Gates and Grilles 

We offer our services for Gates for Lift and Security Grilles. Many facilities and properties have gates set in place for their lifts since they guarantee protection for employees and visitors alike. A gate breaking down can wreak havoc on daily operations, and it’s crucial to ensure that they don’t break and endanger people’s lives.  

It can also require costly replacements along with losses due to stalling of operations or theft. Let our team visit you regularly so that you can avoid all those consequences and all the worry that comes with them. 

Electric Gates and Barriers 

Smooth and efficient operations require electric gates and barriers. However, we all know how technology always needs much maintenance, unlike its manual counterparts because electric components can break easily.  

Traffic Barriers 

Did a mobile asset crash into any of your traffic barriers? Don’t worry, we got you covered here in Blackpool. 

Secure Exit Lanes 

Secure exit lanes are highly demanded at airports and similar industries to provide full security of the premise and the people inside it. There are many types of exit lanes for every purpose, and BGS has extensive experience with them in Blackpool. For instance, some lanes rely mainly on mechanical setups. This system includes revolving doors, corridors, and one-way escalators bounded by doors at the top. 

Dock Levellers and Shelters 

Loading and unloading of goods are daily operations that are vital for the success of many businesses. Dock levellers and dock shelters assist you in these processes, and the latter can protect your operations from bad weather conditions.  

Those assets help maintain smooth operations in the facility during the day without lag. To prevent these assets from disrupting the flow of work, they need regular visits for maintenance. 

Calematic Wheel Locks 

Briefly, wheel locks are the reasons your heavy vehicles are kept docked at your warehouse securely while preventing any accident or damage from happening. We cannot deny that calematic wheel locks are vital components to own. Even better, their maintenance will keep you compliant with the 1992 Workplace Regulations in Blackpool. 

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Are you searching for a local company to fix or install your door in Blackpool? Look no further than BGS. We want your facility to achieve its best outcome possible with the most efficient sectional door within your budget. We will also ensure that your sectional overhead doors are taken care of by adhering to the highest standards. 

If you still have any inquiry or would like a free quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us at 08085 015480. We are ready 24/7 and more than excited to do business with you and take your sectional doors to the next level. You can also email now at [email protected], and we will reply to you at top speed. We guarantee that you will never regret investing your time with our maintenance plans or installations to any of your doors.

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