Winterising Warehouses

5 Essential Tips for Winterising Your Warehouse!

5 Essential Tips for Winterising Your Warehouse!

It’s vital for warehouse owners to ensure that their site is prepped for the cold winter months. This means winterising your doors, loading bay systems, and other pieces of crucial equipment. At BGS, we help warehouse owners in all industries prepare for the winter through our maintenance and upgrading solutions.

Below, you’ll find a short list of tips to get your warehouse winter-proofed:

1) Seal Doors and Windows
A pre-winter examination of the seals enveloping your windows and doors is essential, as they are vital for keeping the cold air out while ensuring a more controlled temperature indoors. These seals will guard you against energy-draining leaks that have the potential to raise heating costs. Caulking or weatherstripping fills gaps and crevices, working as a robust defence against temperature fluctuations.

2) Upgrade to Insulated Roller Shutters
Upgrading to insulated roller shutter doors will heighten security and ensure a steady indoor temperature throughout the winter months. These doors serve as a barrier that prevents warmth from escaping, thus improving energy efficiency. Insulated roller shutters will make your warehouse a more comfortable place to work and help you implement better temperature control.

3) Service Your HVAC Systems
Keeping your HVAC systems in the best possible condition is a must. Beyond regular filter changes, more comprehensive maintenance is essential. Examining the different components of your systems will allow you to detect developing issues, such as mould and rust. Clearing out vents, shafts, and evaporator coils will help to ensure that your system is kept in the best possible condition as it warms your warehouse.

Winterising Your Warehouse

4) Prevent Slippery Surfaces
Wet and slippery conditions are more prevalent in the winter, so taking proactive measures to protect your team is essential. Strategically positioning mats at entrances to intercept moisture and installing slip-resistant coatings on smooth floors will help to reduce the chances of slip-induced accidents. Slip-prevention measures will safeguard your employees and sustain the durability of your facility.

5) Check Your Drainage System
Maintaining effective drainage systems is essential in the face of harsh winter storms. Examining your pipes, gutters, and roof to confirm they are in impeccable shape is highly advisable. Removing any debris and addressing issues of damage or rust will ensure continued functionality. Stagnant water particularly threatens flat roofs, so these must be frequently inspected during the winter by warehouse owners.

Get Winter-Ready with BGS

With these actionable tips, you can tackle winter head-on and ensure your warehouse remains a safe, efficient, and comfortable space for your operations. At BGS, we can work on a range of doors and loading bay systems, helping to prepare your warehouse for winter. To get started with our experts, call us now on 08085 015 480 or fill out our online contact form, where we will get back to you shortly.