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Health and safety measures need to be met in order for any workplace to function properly. When it comes to industrial doors and gates, they need to undergo regular servicing to ensure that they stay up to code. Here at BGS, we have a team of qualified and experienced engineers that can conduct regular servicing on your doors.

We specialise in an array of industrial and commercial doors, as well as loading bays and gates.

Our knowledge is vast and extensive, so you can trust us to ensure that your systems are compliant with current legislation.

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Every industrial door is required to meet the legal standard. In fact, according to Regulation 5 and 18 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, every door must undergo a form of maintenance.

As a member of the DHF, our engineers provide clients with a survey that is entirely free of charge. By opting for this service, we will be able to conduct a thorough inspection to make sure that your systems are up to code. Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that employers, as well as self-employed individuals, have a duty to ensure that all systems are safe.

This is the legislation that we follow when our engineers visit your site to carry out an inspection. In order to determine compliance, we consider numerous aspects on our checklist. Your industrial doors and gates will have to meet the following criteria before they can be deemed fit for purpose:

  • Structural Integrity
  • Functionality
  • Electrical Safety
  • Safety
  • Warning Devices, Signage, and Markings
  • And More!
Emergency Call Out

If you would like to arrange a free survey, then feel free to get in touch with a member of our team here at BGS. You can reach us by calling our expert team.

Competitive Rates on Service Agreements

After providing clients with a free survey, we can begin carving out a servicing arrangement that fits your needs. We advise all of our clients to have their systems checked on a regular basis, whether that is once a year or more frequently. There are many benefits when it comes to regular servicing, with the main one being financial.

By enlisting the expertise of our engineers, we could potentially prevent you from having to pay for a costly emergency service. Due to the knowledge that our team possesses, we will be able to flag up any problems that are in danger of leading to more significant issues.

In addition to the financial benefit, by having our highly skilled engineers look over your doors, gates, and loading bays, we will be able to maintain their legal standard. What’s more, our service packages are priced competitively, and you will struggle to find another company that betters our rates.

Call BGS on 08009178583 to arrange a free site survey and estimation, today.