Manual to Electrical Upgrades

Here at BGS, we offer a vast array of services that are designed to make the lives of our customers a lot easier. For instance, as well as fixing, servicing, and installing doors, gates, and shutters; we can upgrade them too. Our ‘Manual to Electrical’ upgrade provision is an excellent example of this and is highly recommended if you currently have manually operated doors.

One call to us and you can schedule a date and time for one of our skilled, certified engineers to come and upgrade your doors to support full electrical operation.

The process is quick and simple and takes almost no time at all to complete. And you’ll always receive expert advice every step of the way, so you can be assured that you’re in safe and capable hands.

You’ll find more information below, or call BGS on 08009178583 if you have any questions.

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Upgrade Your Manual Entrances with

If your commercial property is equipped with manual doors, gates, or shutters, you may not consider an upgrade to be necessary. However, upgrading your manual entrances provides you with a faster, more energy-efficient and safer entrance.

First, this is great news if you’re trying to keep your bills down, as these entrances open and close quicker. Second, many come with in-built safety features that prevent them from closing if an obstruction is detected.

Third, automatic entrances also help those who are less able and may otherwise struggle with a manual entrance. We can adapt any existing manual entrance, and because our upgrades our designed for ease-of-use and safety, the possibility of impact damage is greatly reduced. Automatic entrances can be set up to always be at a safe height for entry and exit, thereby offsetting costly repairs.

Finally, by opting for an upgrade, you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint and doing your part to protect the environment. As mentioned, your bills will also be lower as automatic entrances can help to reduce heat loss.

Manual to Electrical Upgrade

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Consultation and Installation

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We’ll take a closer look at your current setup and advise whether an upgrade is possible or not. If your existing entrance cannot be adapted, we can supply you with a suitable, competitively priced replacement. In nearly every case, however, we can work with whatever entrance is present. Once we’ve carried out our initial inspection, you’ll be presented with a no-obligation quote that will list all costs upfront.

As part of our standard conversion, your entrance will be upgraded with a manual override function in the event of a power failure. Deadman operation on downward mode will also be included as well as wiring to single and 3-phase supplies.

If you’d like to customise your entrances further, we offer a range of bespoke options, such as:

  • Safety Edges
  • Safety Photo Beams
  • Timed Closing
  • Audible and Visual Warnings
  • Push-to-Run Functionality
  • Automatic Radar Loop
  • Remote Control
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