Calematic Wheel Chocks

For companies that oversee regular deliveries, the importance of reliable loading bay technology cannot be overstated. One such vital piece of loading equipment that we at BGS can deliver and install are Calematic wheel chocks. This essential piece of loading bay technology helps to maximise the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, as well as ensuring staff are safe at all times.

At BGS, we realise that we live in a health and safety conscious world, so it is understandable that clients only want to invest in safety. Calematic wheel chocks, as with all of the products that we deliver, have passed all of the required health and safety checks. This means you can rest assured knowing that Calematic wheel chocks will help your staff to operate safely.

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Calematic Wheel Chocks
What Are They?

Calematic wheel chocks are a type of loading bay technology that sits flush and is used to secure trailers in place, as goods are loaded and unloaded. Chocks are around 80kg and are made from galvanised steel, which are connected to individual air cylinders. There are very few components that make up Calematic wheel chocks, which means they require little maintenance.

To use Calematic wheel chocks, a truck will reverse up to your loading door, which will be opened by a delivery worker. The opening of the door will set off the sensor at its base and raise the chocks. They will be raised by the air cylinders and wedge themselves between the wheels of the vehicle, preventing it from moving.

Once unloading/loading is complete, the delivery worker simply needs to close the loading door to trigger the sensor which will lower the chocks and release the trailer. This simple and automatic operating process is what makes Calematic wheel chocks so highly sought after.

We are more than happy to discuss Calematic wheel chocks with you further and determine which version will suit your needs.

Calematic Wheel Locks

What Types of Calematic Wheel Chocks are Available?

There are two main types of Calematic wheel chocks that we can install at BGS. The first of these models is the simple chock, which consists of a singular block format installed in 2 pits at 20cm intervals. The simple chock is a reliable and customisable piece of equipment that caters for a mixed size of lorries. The options for the simple chocks include 2 lines of 5 chocks, 2 lines of 6, and 1 line of 8; each model is better suited to a specific type of vehicle.

Double chocks, by contrast, is made up of 2 smaller chocks that interlock to grip the wheels of a trailer from both sides. They are extremely reliable and help to reduce civil engineering costs, as they only need one pit. However, double chocks require a wheel guide and larger docking area so are typically suited to new sites and logistic platforms.

Advantages of Calematic Wheel Chocks

  • Leaves your yard flush when retracted
  • Makes unloading and loading operations automatic- with no need to learn a new process
  • Eliminates damage to mud guards, petrol tanks, water tanks etc.
  • Fully customisable- chocks can be added/taken away to suit your needs as the concrete pits are universal
  • Uses a traffic light system to ensure that good communication is kept between the driver and worker at all times
  • Operates in extreme temperatures- no equipment is exposed to the elements
  • Much safer for workers
  • Extremely low maintenance – simple design with less components to go wrong
  • Adds value to the property

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Where Might You Find Calematic Wheel Chocks?

Calematic wheel chocks are mostly found in work environments where there is regular in or outflow of goods and materials. Many industrial and commercial sites will have a loading bay, yard, or warehouse, in which vehicles arrive to either collect or drop off goods.

Calematic wheel chocks will maximise work speed and efficiency in these areas whilst keeping your yard clear of obstructions. More and more companies are discovering the benefits of having Calematic wheel chocks fitted.

Our Calematic Wheel Chock Services

We at BGS are proud to supply both types of Calematic wheel chocks, which are fully customisable to suit all business owners. Our team will deliver your wheel chocks to your site on a convenient date and carry out full installation service. You can depend on our team to test your new wheel chocks thoroughly to ensure that they’re working correctly. Our staff will make sure that you receive swift and efficient installation service that causes minimal disruption to your business.

As well as being able to deliver and install quality Calematic wheel chocks, we can also provide excellent maintenance and repair services. It is highly recommended to have your wheel chocks serviced annually to ensure that they continue to function optimally. Similarly, it’s vital that you have your wheel chocks repaired immediately if they break down. Thanks to our 24/7 availability, we can be at your site at any time to carry out swift and effective repair work.

Calematic Wheel Locks | BGS

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