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Industrial doors are used regularly by companies of all size, making them a critical feature of daily business. Specialised doors can help ease the flow of business by making traversal more convenient for employees, customers, vehicles, and goods. To ensure that these doors continue to perform as required, it is essential that they are maintained frequently to avoid lasting damage.

However, roller shutters are susceptible to damage, and if something does go wrong, your entire workday will be put to a halt.

At BGS, we’re proud to offer both comprehensive maintenance and repair services to clients who are in need. To make ourselves more accessible to clients, we provide a mobile service that allows us to visit your site any time and provide immediate assistance.

This service gives us greater access to businesses and means their issues can be resolved sooner.

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Why It’s Important to Keep
Your Industrial Doors Maintained

A lot of companies rely on the smooth operation of their industrial doors to ensure daily business goes ahead as normal. Whether they are for the movement of goods, to allow employees to traverse your premises with ease, or to regulate the flow of vehicles, for many, these doors are essential.

The reliance on these types of doors is so strong that it can be detrimental if a breakdown should occur. Not only can repairs be costly, but they can also be time-consuming and cause severe disruption to regular business. So, to prevent breakdowns and to make sure that your entranceway continues to perform optimally, it is essential to have a reliable contractor on call to carry out essential maintenance.

Industrial Door Services

You can expect us to deliver a lasting fix that not only gets your door working again, but helps prevent any further breakdowns in the future.

What to Expect from Our Mobile Service

When you first reach out to our team at BGS, they will arrange to visit your site as soon as possible.

We have depots strategically placed throughout the country, so we are never more than four hours away from your property. As we realise that you may require our services at any time, we operate on a 24/7 basis all year round.

Our team will arrive at your premises in one of our company vans that doubles-up as a mobile workshop. Having these vehicles equipped with all the necessary equipment means that we can begin servicing your door immediately. This speedy response and ability to start work straight away is what makes our mobile service such a convenient option.

We will thoroughly assess the state of your doors to identify the cause of any issue you’ve been having. After we’ve found the route of the problem, we’ll use our vast array of tools to begin working on a repair. You can expect us to deliver a lasting fix that not only gets your door working again, but helps prevent any further breakdowns in the future.

Why Choose BGS

Here at BGS, we’ve been operating throughout the country for many years. Thanks to our consistently high standard of work and customer service, we’ve built up an excellent reputation and a loyal client base. Our team have all the qualifications required to carry out door maintenance and repairs competently, so they are confident in being able to meet the needs of all businesses.

Overall, there are many reasons why we are the number one company to contact regarding a mobile service for industrial doors. Some of the key benefits that we offer include:

• 24/7 Availability
• Close Proximity to Your Site
• Qualified and Experienced Professionals
• Fast Repairs and Comprehensive Maintenance
• Expert Advice
• First-Class Customer Service

24hr door repair services
Mobile Services

Then don’t hesitate to reach out regarding our mobile service today!

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