Maintenance and Repairs

To keep your employees and members of the public safe, and your operations ticking over, it’s important to ensure that your doors, gates, and shutters are maintained regularly. Any issues should be addressed quickly before they become something a lot worse later on. Here at BGS, we can help as we provide a comprehensive maintenance and repair service that covers all types of entrances.

Not only can we keep your doors, gates, and shutters operational through regular servicing, but we can fix any underlying issues before they spiral into costlier problems.

Our maintenance and repair service is an excellent investment as it:

  • Keeps Your Downtime to a Minimum
  • Protects Your Employees and Customers
  • Protects You From Liability
  • Maintains the Internal Environment of Your Building
  • Ensures You Remain Compliant with Your Insurance Policy
  • Ensures You Remain Compliant with Legislative Requirements

So, what do you need to know to get started?

Get in Touch

Our Bespoke Maintenance
and Repair Services Explained

To get started, give BGS a call to arrange a convenient time for us to come and complete a FREE initial inspection. We’ll be able to recommend the minimum number of services per annum based on the usage of the entrance, UK regulatory requirements, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our packages are competitive and there are options to fit any budget, so you can expect a bespoke plan tailored to your situation.

Each inspection will be scheduled for a time and date that’s convenient for you and every single one will be carried out by one of our highly trained engineers. You’ll receive sound advice from a professional who will make it their mission to spare you from costly repairs. The services that we carry out are numerous and include minor adjustments, part replacements, upgrades, and spot repairs.

The aim is to prolong the service life of your doors for as long as possible. This is achieved through methodical inspections and compliant repairs. And any work that we carry out will always be documented in a Yellow Door Wallet. This is a proof of service which can be handed to your insurance provider in support of your policy.

And best of all is that our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even if you encounter a problem on a Bank Holiday or in the early hours of the morning, our team are ready and able to assist!

Emergency Call Out

Just give us a call or send a quick message through our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

Emergency Call Outs

Our dedicated team of engineers can arrange planned maintenance checks to ensure that your systems are up to code. As mentioned, by doing this you will reduce the risk of your doors or shutters suffering severe breakdowns in the future. However, it is impossible to eradicate this risk entirely.

In the event that your roller shutters or automatic entrance doors stop working suddenly, BGS has a solution. Due to having strategically placed depots dotted up and down the UK, we can respond to an emergency call out swiftly. In fact, we guarantee that one of our engineers will be on your site within 4 hours of your call.

Our 24/7/365 availability means that we can adhere to your request at any time of day on any day of the year. We are well aware that you risk a loss in revenue and productivity if a door or shutter malfunctions, which is why we have a mobile workshop at hand.

Our vans come equipped with all the relevant tools, parts, and equipment needed to treat your systems. It is always our intention to perform a first-time fix when we arrive on your premises. More often than not, this is achieved due to the expertise of our engineers, but there are occasions in which the problem is more severe.

In this instance, we will secure the area and make sure that the perimeters are safe before scheduling a time to return. We may need to locate an additional part or component to fix the issue, but once we have, our team will work swiftly to get your doors and shutters back up and running.

The Industrial and Commercial Doors We Cater to

Here at BGS, we have a wealth of expertise running through our team, which allows us to work on many different industrial and commercial doors and shutters. When it comes to our maintenance and repair services, we are not limited. Our engineers can check the status of and fix issues on automatic entrance doors, fire shutter doors, folding shutter doors, and high speed doors. We can also work on the following:

  • Sectional Overhead Door Installation
  • Steel Hinged Doors
  • Revolving Doors
  • ICU/CCU Doors
  • Sliding Door Systems
  • Roller Shutter Doors Installation

Our services also extend to gates for lifts and security grilles. Not only that, but our highly skilled engineers can inspect and repair electric gates and barriers, traffic barriers and secure exit lanes.

24hr door repair services
High Speed Doors | BGS

Then all you need to do is pick up the phone and call BGS!

Why Should You Choose BGS?

We’re immensely proud of our status

At BGS, we’re immensely proud of our status as one of the top UK-based companies that specialises in fixing and servicing doors, gates, and shutters. As a company, we have years of experience behind us and the entire knowledge base of our highly skilled team to draw on. No matter what your request might be, so long as it’s entrance-related, we have you covered!

Thanks to our nationwide network of strategically positioned depots, we can provide complete coverage of the UK. Plus, if you need an emergency callout, our team can respond in just four hours and have you back up and running again by the time we leave. It’s this kind of efficiency that is why so many customers choose to rely on us to look after their doors, gates, and shutters.

Plus, regardless of how big or small the request might be, you can be confident that the BGS team has you covered. Would you like to find out more about our comprehensive maintenance and repair service?

Call BGS on 08009178583 to arrange a free site survey and estimation, today.