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Welcome to BGSs Services, where you can put your high speed doors in safe hands. We deliver high quality services to ensure that your high speed doors never fail. We consistently adhere to high standards of quality and keep your facility operational with zero risks of damage from failing high speed doors. Banbury is rich with industries and businesses that thrive thanks to these fast doors that provide the high speed required for smoother operations.

Our Banbury team is always ready and on high alert mode. So, you can benefit from our fast emergency response to your failing high speed doors or regular doors maintenance to prevent harsher damages. From the slightest localised repairs to more complicated part replacements for your doors, we’ve been through it all. Read on to discover how our Banbury team can help you get the best out of your doors.

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Quality High Speed Doors in Banbury

At BGSs Services, your doors are in the safest and most skilled hands in Banbury. We offer routine maintenance visits for your doors along with force tests, basic part repairs, or doors part replacement. Our team of experienced engineers takes quality very seriously since failed doors can mean a matter of life and death.

Many things can go awry with your high speed doors even if they’re installed properly. We must keep your high speed doors from failing and prevent your business from being burdened with high costs from failed doors or doors parts.

About Our High Speed Doors Service

Our high speed doors service is tailored to your commercial or industrial needs. We can install high speed doors, repair all kinds of doors, or maintain them across the years. Our Banbury experts are the people for the job, and they perform their tasks flawlessly. We’ve helped many customers throughout our years of service in high speed doors to reduce their high costs. Thanks to us, you won’t be needing repairs with high costs; you’ll get high quality doors every time.

Not only do we keep you from paying the high costs that may seem inevitable, but we also minimise your costs thanks to our expertise. For instance, our engineers will study your doors and their specifications from the manufacturer of the doors. With this invaluable information about your doors, they will plan accordingly how frequent the maintenance visits for doors should be throughout the year.

What are High Speed Doors?

High speed doors are specialised sectional overhead doors that only specific businesses need for their high speed operations. High speed doors open vertically upwards, and this high speed mechanism has advantages over regular or sectional overhead doors.

Read on to find out where these high speed doors are used and how beneficial they are to these high speed industries.

Where are High Speed Doors Used?

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Large Factories
  • Grain and Milling Industries
  • Warehouses and Distribution centres

Benefits of Using High Speed Doors

High speed doors play a vital role in fast operations inside your facility. Its rapid vertical mechanism allows for more space inside and outside the building. More indoor space allows for more goods to be stored thanks to this fast vertical mechanism. On the other hand, these high speed doors allow forklifts and employees to enter and exit safely without obstacles.

You don’t even have to worry about intruders or harsh weather. Our high speed doors are well-insulated with built-in security systems that regulate the movement of even your employees. Our fast doors are sturdy enough to withstand high speed winds and prevent rain from entering the facility. In case of any damage, we’ve memorised our doors perfectly and can come to you at high speed anywhere in Banbury.

Other Doors We Supply

Of course, not all businesses need the same kind of doors, or they may require different doors for different applications within one facility. We offer our services for roller shutter doors, fire shutter doors, steel hinged doors, revolving doors, and many others. 


Roller Shutter Doors 

Industries in Banbury rely on versatile and rapid roller shutter doors since they can be used for many applications. We can install your roller shutter doors properly at high speed so that our work does not interfere with your daily operations. But, like any type of doors, roller shutter doors are prone to damage. These sturdy doors still need maintenance to prevent their failure from halting all your daily operations. 


Fire Shutter Doors 

Prevention is the best policy, and better be safe than sorry. Fire shutter doors and smoke curtains exist for the worst-case scenarios, and they must be installed to adhere to safety regulations. Here at BGSs Services, we offer maintenance and repair services for these doors, and we’ll get to your place at high speed for an emergency. 

Steel Hinged Doors

Steel hinged doors come with their share of benefits for businesses requiring specialised types of doors to complete high speed operations. They are famous in Banbury for their durability and user-friendliness. To avoid disruptive breakdowns, it is necessary to keep these steel hinged doors monitored throughout the year. This way, localised repairs won’t transform into complete part restoration or entire replacement for your doors. 


Revolving Doors 

Revolving doors are everybody’s favourite in the commercial industry in Banbury. Shopping centres, malls, and retail outlets love to install revolving doors to welcome their customers pleasantly. These doors can be either automatic or manual, and our experts are experienced with both types of doors found in Banbury. 


Why Choose BGS? 

Even when our packages can be tailored to all budgets, the safety of your doors is taken seriously since we want you to adhere to the high safety standards in the Workplace regulations related to doors in Banbury. 

Working with us brings you lots of convenience. First, we prioritise emergencies, so we are open 365 days a year, 24/7. This way, you can call us in the middle of the night on any holiday, and we’ll be there in less than 4 hours thanks to our strategic locations in Banbury. 

Contact the High Speed Doors Banbury Experts

Are you thinking about maintaining your precious doors or considering us for a repair service for your broken doors in Banbury? Regardless of your location, we will get there at high speed, prepared for even the worst and rarest repair cases so that you don’t halt your operations for more than a few hours. Don’t hesitate to call our customer service team on 08009178583, and they’re more than happy to answer all your enquiries and guide you through our processes.

Looking for the best doors solutions in Banbury? Look no further than BGSs Services as we have amassed years of experience under our belts, and every newcomer is well-versed with every type of doors that you can imagine. Keep your facilities and doors safe with us as of today. You will never regret investing in a maintenance service that reduces your overall costs in the long term.

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As a team of experienced engineers, we are equipped to handle all of your requests in a timely manner. From emergency repairs and scheduled installations to maintenance checks and inspections, we have the tools and equipment to work on your systems and ensure they are running efficiently.

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Our fair and affordable prices set us apart from competitors, contributing to our standing as one of the UK’s leading maintenance and repair companies for industrial doors, shutters and gates. You are guaranteed value for money when you enlist any of our services.

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All of our highly skilled and certified engineers are trained in compliance with current Health and Safety legislation. You can have peace of mind knowing that we adhere to all governing measures, ensuring that your systems are safe across the board.

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