ICU/CCU Doors Chippenham

BGS is a leading provider of ICU/CCU doors in Chippenham. Our doors are precisely made to offer patients with the highest level of care and safety and security.

Types of ICU/CCU Door Systems

There are three primary types of ICU door systems: bi-folding, moving, and revolving. Bi-folding doors are the most typical kind of ICU door. They have two panels that fold in the middle, permitting them to open quickly and completely. Moving doors have one fixed panel and one that moves open. They’re frequently utilized in smaller spaces due to the fact that they do not require as much clearance to open. Revolving doors have 2 or more panels that turn around a central point. They’re typically utilised in high-traffic areas given that they can accommodate a great deal of individuals being available in and out.

Professional CCU Doors Chippenham Hospitals Can trust

BGS are an expert door company that offers CCU doors for Chippenham medical facilities. The doors are made from high-quality materials and are created to withstand heavy usage. They are also available in a range of colours and designs to match the health center’s décor. BGS provides a variety of services for hospital doors, including CCU doors. CCU doors are very essential for healthcare facilities due to the fact that they require to be able to hold up against a great deal of wear and tear. BGS has a lot of experience with these types of doors and can supply healthcare facilities with the very best possible service.

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Safe & Secure ICU/CCU Doors

BGS doors are safe for critical care units (CCUs). They’re geared up with an automated locking system that engages when the door is closed, and a handle that can be launched from the within in case of an emergency situation. The doors even have a pressure-sensitive edge that avoids them from being forced open.

ICU Doors Repair & Installation Services in Chippenham

BGS is a leading company of ICU doors setup services in Chippenham. We have a unit of knowledgeable and licensed experts who can manage all aspects of the setup procedure. We utilise the latest tools and methods to guarantee that the doors are set up correctly and safely. We also offer a warranty on our workmanship.


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