Manual to Electric Upgrades

Upgrade your manually operated door to electrical operation with BGS.

For a faster, more energy efficient and safer rolling, folding or sectional overhead door, convert from manual to electric. Designed for ease of use and safety, you will radically reduce the probability of impact damage as the door is always at a safe height for entry and exit. Furthermore, you will reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy much lower energy bills from a significant reduction in heat loss. The standard conversion features:

  • Manual override.
  • Dead man operation on downward mode.
  • Wiring to single and 3 phase supplies.

From a standard conversion to a full upgrade, we can tailor a bespoke package to your budget.

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Manual to Electrical Upgrade

Choose from a range of options:

  • Safety edge.
  • Safety photo beams.
  • Timed closing.
  • Audible and visual warnings.
  • Push to run.
  • Automatic radar loop.
  • Remote control.

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