The Grandfather, The Father, The Son

The Grandfather, The Father, The Son

Three Generations of Bakers engineered into the heart of the BGS Leeds Family.

Mark and Carl Baker, both seasoned and highly experienced engineers, have collectively contributed over 70 years of service to BGS. They have consistently exemplified the values of the BGS brand and now, they have been joined by Charlie Baker, Carl’s son.

Charlie has recently become part of the team as a trainee engineer, thanks to the new BGS Academy Initiative. This initiative offers individuals a supported apprenticeship opportunity, and Charlie is one of its beneficiaries.

Steve Kelters shares, “It’s truly inspiring to witness three generations of Bakers actively involved in our business, passing down their valuable knowledge from one generation to the next. We take pride in providing robust opportunities that foster personal growth and development. The BGS Academy focuses on investing in our people, enhancing their skill sets, and empowering them to become outstanding ambassadors for the BGS brand.”

The BGS Academy Initiative aims to transform individuals into versatile engineers over a three-year period. It combines classroom-based learning with hands-on, on-the-job experience, and concludes with an accredited certification. This initiative is open to individuals of all ages, whether already part of the BGS team or new candidates aspiring to join. If you are interested, we encourage you to apply today.


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