ICU/CCU Doors Plymouth

BGS offer ICU/CCU doors in Plymouth. These doors are developed to ensure a high level of security and safety for clients. They are made from sturdy materials and can be fitted with unique locks that avoid unapproved entry. The doors can also be opened in an emergency circumstance. BGS is a leading provider of ICU/CCU doors in Plymouth. We provide a large range of doors to fulfil the requirements of our clients. Our doors are made from high-quality products and are designed to last. We provide a variety of colours and styles to choose from.

Safe & Secure ICU/CCU Doors

BGS products are developed to help keep people safe. One of the most popular products is the secure ICU door. This door is designed to keep people from being able to go into an ICU unit unless they have the appropriate qualifications. The door is also armed with an alarm that will sound if somebody attempts to forced entry.

Types of ICU/CCU Door Systems

ICU doors are developed to offer caregivers with fast and simple access to patients. The most typical type of ICU door is the double-door system. This sort of door has 2 doors that open in opposite directions. The 2nd kind of ICU door is the single-door system. This kind of door has only one door that opens in one instruction.

Professional CCU Doors Plymouth Hospitals Can trust

BGS are a leading provider of CCU doors to healthcare facilities throughout the country. We have a wide range of doors to fit any medical facility need, and our group of specialists are on hand to advise you on the best option for your healthcare facility. Our doors are made from high-quality materials and are created to hold up against heavy use. They are also easy to clean and maintain, so you can be sure that they will always look their best. 

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ICU Doors Repair & Installation Services in Plymouth

BGS supply ICU doors repair services in Plymouth. We have a group of highly knowledgeable and skilled engineers who have the ability to carry out repairs to all kinds of ICU doors. We comprehend the importance of these doors and the essential role they play in the smooth running of a health center or other medical facility. We offer a fast and effective service that will minimise disturbance to your operations.

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ICU-CCU Doors Plymouth

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