Ranger House, Guildford

We were recently contacted by the occupants of Ranger House in Guildford to carry out some urgent work on their front entrance. Ranger House is a commercial venue situated in the heart of Guildford, offering high-quality office accommodation that incorporates suspended ceilings, recessed lighting, raised floors, and air conditioning. Its central location makes it a rather attractive prospect for those requiring physical office space.

Job Brief (The Challenge)

The building itself sports an aesthetically pleasing façade complete with a revolving door for easy entry. However, this door recently sustained heavy damage; it was practically destroyed after suffering a collision with a delivery van. The resulting impact had all but wrecked the bearings and framework, leaving the door completely compromised and inoperable. As the main entrance of the building and as a prominently visible feature, the restoration of this entrance was of paramount importance. So, Ranger House turned to the team here at BGS to request our mobile service.

The following project was carried out with our group company, HORTON, for approximately £44,000.

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Our Solution

Upon arrival, we first started by assessing the damage. Once we’d assessed the damage and quoted the company, we proceeded to remove the old manual revolving door – we would dispose of this later on behalf of the client. The next step was to dig out the floor so that a brand-new floor ring could be installed.

While our repair visits usually result in a first-time fix, there are times where a follow-up visit is required. This job was an example of the latter. Once we’d installed the new floor ring, we fitted hoarding to protect the security of the building. One week later, we returned to complete the installation of the new manual revolving door along with new circular matting. The doors supplied were like-for-like; once we were finished, the entrance had been restored to its former glory.


Upon completion of the work, the client was left delighted by the results. We hadn’t instigated a radical overhaul of the building’s original appearance. By installing a like-for-like door and new bearings and framework, we’d more or less restored the door to what it looked like before, albeit newer. After installation, the new door was tested, ensuring a smooth operation.

The work took around a week to complete, and we were able to keep disruption caused to the occupants of Ranger House to a minimum. If you have a door that’s been damaged or one simply requiring a little upkeep, contact us today to enquire about our servicing and maintenance and repair services.

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