Sectional Overhead Door Installation – Scania, Stansted

At BGS, we take pride in delivering transformative solutions to enhance industrial spaces. Our recent collaboration with Scania (GB) Ltd at their facility in Stansted, London exemplifies our commitment to innovation and improved functionality.

Job Brief

Scania’s existing sectional overhead doors were not just worn out, but they also restricted the flow of natural light into their workshops. With solid Roller Shutter Doors Installation featuring only a single row of vision panels, the work environment was dim and lacked the vibrancy needed for optimal productivity.

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The Challenge

To address this challenge, we embarked on a mission to revamp Scania’s workspaces. Our approach involved replacing the obsolete doors with our cutting-edge BGS Panoramic power-operated standard lift sectional overhead doors. The primary objective was to introduce more natural light into the workshops, transforming the ambiance and boosting the efficiency of daily operations.

Unlike the previous doors, our Panoramic doors offer unparalleled vision throughout, with only a single solid panel at the base. This design maximises the inflow of sunlight, creating an environment where work is not only productive but also uplifting.

The Solution

The results were remarkable. Scania’s facility in Stansted now enjoys a flood of natural light that invigorates the workspace. The enhanced lighting conditions have the potential to improve employee morale, reduce energy costs, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable work environment. At BGS, we’re not just replacing doors; we’re reimagining workspaces. This project showcases our dedication to innovative solutions that elevate industries and provide tangible benefits.

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