Roller Shutter Door Installation – The Platform Lift Company Ltd, Andover

The BGS team recently undertook a project for The Platform Lift Company Ltd at their site in Andover in which we installed a new insulated roller shutter door.

Job Brief

The client initially reached out to our team as they were having an issue with their manually operated sectional overhead door. The door itself was difficult to operate, which was causing issues in terms of day-to-day functionality and slowing the efficiency of operations. After a swift assessment, our team determined that the door had reached the end of its serviceable life, as no level of maintenance would restore it to full working order. With this in mind, we informed the client that they would need to consider a replacement.

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The Challenge

Following our site survey, a quotation was submitted for an insulated power-operated roller shutter door. Our team believed that this door model would be the best option for the client for several reasons, including the fact that it would be electronically operated, removing the necessity for manual effort. We also felt that this door would address the lighting issues in the building, as the existing door was blocking light due to the way that it opened. We ran these suggestions by the client before getting confirmation on the door.

The Solution

Our team was able to have the existing door removed and the new one installed on the same day, which resulted in minimal operational disruptions for the client. The new door opens by being rolled up, which has resulted in less light being blocked by the entranceway, allowing for a more visible working space. The client was very pleased with the outcome that we delivered, as well as the professionalism of our staff and their time-efficient approach.

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