Traffic Barrier Installation – Müller, Severnside

The team at BGS Bristol was called out to the Müller site at Severnside, South Gloucestershire, and was tasked with installing new traffic barriers, which would improve security, traffic flow, and accessibility.

Job Brief

The client reached out to us as they needed to have replacement traffic barriers installed. The new traffic barriers would need to be easy to operate, clearly situated, and structurally secure. Our staff would need to supply the client with a suitable model, install the traffic barriers from scratch, and carry out thorough testing to ensure that everything was functioning correctly. It was important to the client that our work was completed quickly and in a manner that would not disrupt daily operations.

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The Challenge

The main challenge for our staff: completing the work in a prompt and efficient manner to ensure that the client’s operations weren’t delayed or interrupted. Our team also needed to make sure that the traffic barriers we delivered were suitable for the site and met both the client’s specific requirements and established health & safety standards. It was imperative for our responding engineers, Thomas and Scott, to use their knowledge and expertise to provide a swift and appropriate solution.

The Solution

After helping the client to settle on a suitable set of new traffic barriers, we set to work on having the barriers delivered and installed. The installation process was completed using state-of-the-art equipment, which was handled with skill and precision by our experienced engineers. Upon completing the installation, Thomas and Scott tested the barriers thoroughly and made sure that the client had a clear understanding of how the new system operates. Overall, the client was very happy with the service delivered by our experts and insisted on passing on the positive feedback to the management team.

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